Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"ABC's of me"

I'm not sure where this little meme originally came from, but I found it on The Humble Carnival and since I have no knitting news to share, I thought I'd share a little bit about myself. So here are the ABC's of Cecilia!

Age:  23- my birthday is about a month away 
Bed size:  Double, which is too small :(
Chores that you hate:  Dishes! We have to do them all by hand.
Dogs:  are really awesome.
Essential start to your day:  Caffeine.
Favorite color:  I like all colors but let's say turquoise.
Gold or Silver:  Silver.
Height: 5'4”
Instruments you play:  Guitar. I can also play clarinet, sorta, and a few little ditties on piano.
Job title:  Stay-at-home mom: I should be making BANK for the s*** I do but instead I make zilch.
Kids:  Uno, and his name is Vyvyan. He turns 2 on June 1st.
Live:  in California.
Mother’s Name:  Emily
Nicknames:  Ceci, pronounced “see-see.” I stopped introducing myself as Ceci because I got sick of people hearing “Stacy."
Overnight hospital stays:  Only when I had the kid. I think I was there for 2 nights because he was born at 1 a.m.
Pet peeves:   When people misspell things. Or transpose similar words like their, there, and they're.
Quote from a movie or TV show:  “Is that the kind of man I am now? Am I rude? Rude and not ginger?”
Right or Lefty:  Right.
Siblings:  2, both older.
Time you wake up:  I wake up late compared to the rest of my family. Me and my son get up at 8:30.
Underwear:  are really great things to have.
Vegetable you hate: : Cauliflower. What is the point of cauliflower when we already have broccoli?
What makes you run late: The little person who throws a fit when I suggest it's time to put on shoes.
X-Rays You’ve Had:   Um. I don't really keep track of this, but I've broken a few bones and those probably all required X-rays and I remember having one when I was pregnant so let's say 5?
Yummy food you make:  Best chicken pot pies! My secret is to watch Sweeney Todd while I roll the dough ^_^ (Singing is required.)
Zoo Animal:  I love the tortoises at my local zoo.


  1. We share a pet peeve ... and I make a mean chicken pot pie, too. Maybe next time I should watch Sweeney Todd, too!

  2. awesome quote. just awesome!!

  3. aslkdfjsak I thought I was the only person who sung along with Sweeney Todd while rolling dough!! When I first discovered said musical (for a class on Stephen Sondheim in college), I bought a box of Jiffy biscuit mix specifically to try out "Worst Pies In London" with actual dough to pound around. ...Possibly I shouldn't admit this.


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