Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stash Enrichment ^_^

For the last several months, going to Tuesday Morning looking for yarn has always been a bust. I bought some Inca Sportlace and some Arucania Pomaire Multy back in January of 2011, but pretty much every time I've gone since then there hasn't been a single ball of anything new. Just the same old tangled skeins, mostly cotton or weird novelty fluff.
Then this month I got a flyer saying they had new discounted yarn and I couldn't wait to go see if they had anything new. It turned out they did. Quite a bit of Ella Rae Amity and Palermo, some more various Arucania, and a ton of sock yarn.

Being me, of course, I went for the sock yarn. I got 4 skeins of Fibranatura Yummy, which of course I've never heard of before. Unlike when I bought the Sportlace, (a yarn that felts eagerly and should pretty much never be used for socks) this time I headed to Ravelry before I made my purchase (Thank goodness for smart phones.) and learned that it was a decent, hard-wearing sport weight yarn and that I should indeed buy the whole lot of it at 55% off.  In fact the only complaint on Ravelry seemed to be that it was "rough" which, at least in the skein, I disagree with. But we'll see how it knits up. Of course I got enough to make a garment with: 1480 yards, actually.
I picked up a few pairs of straights while I was there, since they had 3 pairs for $2.
Checkered stuff on top?
Totally a pair of pants.
 So in the picture above you can see that 2 skeins of Cascade Fixation also made it into my basket. But that wasn't from Tuesday Morning. We went to a little thrift store on the way home and I couldn't BELIEVE I found it! Usually all they have is really old heavy rug yarn and ancient acrylics, but this time two little surprises were tucked away for me.  They aren't the same color, but I love Fixation and can make a nice pair of striped socks. They were only $2 each, so I'm pretty psyched. Especially since I was actually looking for some online yesterday.

Finally, at the thrift shop I hit the mother lode of project bags.

They're all home-made drawstring bags, aside from the striped one which is from Old Navy.
Yep, it was a pretty good haul.
We also picked up a birdhouse at Tuesday Morning, and spent the afternoon painting it.

In retrospect, letting a two-year-old play with paint on my bed was a bad idea.
That's what I was up to today.
I'm about to go and cast on my lovely new pink stripey socks. ^_^


  1. That yarn is gorgeous!!!! Wanties.

    By the way, love your blog name!!!

  2. Congratulations on the great deals!!

  3. Beautiful yarn! I'm so very jealous. And the birdhouse looks like it is working up well too ;)

  4. Waaaaait a second, Tuesday Morning (a store I haven't really trolled in great detail, mostly I just marvel at its weird name when I drive by it) has discount yarn?! I think it's field trip time.

    I love the colour of that sock yarn you bought, I can't wait to see what it turns into. And hooray for thrift store finds, too! I love your new project bags.

    1. They totally do, but it can be hit and miss.
      Generally your best chances are on the first Tuesday of the month. But not really "morning" morning. (They usually open 10ish which just doesn't count as morning to me. Mid-morning? Maybe?)


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