Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vanilla Socks- SOCK 1

Today I cast on for my brother's birthday present.
I cast one at 12 pm, and my mom, son and I headed off to the local museum. (Free museum day *^v^*)
By 1pm, the kid was sick of the museum and we tromped to the park and ate corn on a stick.
When we got home at 3:30 I had this much sock:
At home, Vyvyan was quite content to play quietly (Yeah, he has completely given up naptime at age 20 months) while I continued knitting round after round after round. Thank goodness Patons Kroy has such fun stripes.
At 7:20 the first sock* of the pair was done.
After I kitchnered the toe and weaved in the ends, I felt a sense of pride well up inside of me. Then I laid the sock out for the picture and realized: This is one sock.
As I cast on for the second I felt inexplicably sad.

I know it is impossible to knit the entire pair before my brother comes home tomorrow, and yet still I am going to try. I have tea, I have chocolate, I have yarn, and I have questionable sanity.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I feel terrible because I secretly hope his girlfriend goes into labor tomorrow, thus delaying his return. (Her due date is March 10th and she has been having contractions.) But no matter what happens, he is getting one sock tomorrow. I might have to add a cheeky note saying, "There are 34,000 stitches in a pair of socks. IOU 17,000 stitches. :-p"

Once I finish this blog post, I plan on getting straight back into it. Wish me luck!!! (And maybe keep your fingers crossed for him to come home closer to dinner than breakfast tomorrow.)

* This sock was entirely brought to you by my mom. She held Vyvyan's hand throughout the entire museum trip so that I could knit, and she kept a close watch on him at the playground so I could sit off on a bench and turn the heel. I love my mom ^_^

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