Monday, March 26, 2012


I haven't forgotten my entrelac hat, though it has been pretty stagnant while I work on my mom's shawl. Every so often, when the epic blue garter stitch behemoth starts to get to me (when I start wondering if my mom even deserves a hand-knit shawl after all, for instance) I put it aside and pick up the hat.
It's pretty large, and I'm fairly certain that the second it hits water it will cease to be a large hat and become a small purse. Nevertheless it feels pretty cozy and I'm really glad I learned the technique. It will definitely be one of my most unique hats!
I'm on the second-to-last row right now, and I'm sure I can get that done by Friday, even if I am devoting most of my time to the shawl.


  1. It looks amazing ... On your head, your hat doesn't look too large at all. As for your garter stitch shawl, I'm sure your mom does deserve one! ; )

    1. Definitely! That's why when I start thinking that I know it's time to put it down!! lol

  2. I've never been a fan on entrelac, but yours looks amazing!

  3. That truly is gorgeous! It really inspires me to try entrelac. The challenge for me would be picking colors that don't look wonky together. You did a great job choosing colors!

  4. i tried knitting this etrelac pattern but the end shaping didn't turn out well :( i need to practice more to get that good. i like the color choice btw! :)

  5. was the pattern in the above mentioned comment


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