Thursday, March 8, 2012

FO Friday

This week I speed-knit a pair of socks for my brother's 26th birthday.
When he blew those out I swear our smoke alarm should have gone off. ^_^
He put them on immediately and claimed, "This is how socks SHOULD feel," and complimented the fit, the color, and my skill. Knit-worthy? Yes. Why else would I have knitted him a sweater for Christmas?
After I finished the socks, I honestly thought I wouldn't knit again for another week or so. (I knit them in 2 days, after all.) But actually I cast on another project immediately, with size 10 needles and chunky yarn. By the next morning I had some wonderful slippers.
Ribbons and Bows
 The (free) pattern is Amy March slippers, by Stephanie Dosen (aka tinyowlknits) and I used some Universal Yarn Deluxe Chunky that I found at Tuesday Morning last year for 1.99 a ball. The yarn's true color is better represented in this picture:
This pattern was actually sort of strange to me because at the end you thread your ribbons through live stitches at the heel and at the top of the foot. But once you tie up the big bow it ends up keeping the slipper on quite well. These will probably be a birthday gift for my niece- her birthday is next month, on Friday the 13th. WooOoOoo 0_o

Anyways check out more FO's with Tamis Amis. 


  1. Those are fabulous socks. Your brother is definitely knit-worthy. It is always fun to give something to someone who really appreciates.

  2. Socks in two days! WOW! They're really nice. You're so lucky to have someone so knit worthy to knit for.

  3. Big difference in color, tan and blue. I could see myself tripping over the bows and falling with those slippers. Nice your socks were such a hit. It always feels good to knit/crochet for someone who truly appreciates it.

  4. What a wonderful photo -- your brother is the epitomy of pure happiness. Now to your socks and slippers: awesome!

  5. The socks you knit for your brother are very nice and so great he put them on immediately!! Love your slippers :o)

  6. The socks are great, and I'm glad you have a knitworthy brother.

  7. See, I have yet to receive that kind of reception for my gift knitting--your brother must be a dream to knit for!!!

    His socks DO look fabulous (and omg, 2 days?!), and your slippers are super cute!

  8. Nice socks, cute slippers. He is knit worthy!

  9. The slippers are very cute- I'll bet she'll enjoy them a lot!

  10. Your Brother sounds lovely and he obviously knows the difference between shop bought tat and wonderful handmade beauties :)

    and wow! 2 days! You need a medal for that!


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