Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 27...of the Super Stitches Knitting Project

(In which I knit my way through a stitch dictionary 3 swatches at a time... Used to be a weekly thing but now more like whenever I feel like it.)

This time my challenges were:
1) Overlapping Leaves
2) Bamboo Stitch
3) Woven Ladder Stitch

Week 27 Swatches
 SWATCH 1:  Overlapping Leaves

This pattern was much easier to execute than I had thought at first glance. It was actually quite fun, and because of the center 3 stitches (M1, K1 M1) it was very easy to catch a mistake.
Overlapping Leaves Swatch
I imagine using this stitch pattern for the drapey part of a sleeveless tank. Sort of like this crocheted top with a plain bust area and then this leaf pattern for the part that skirts out. The only problem for using it with a garment is that it is a 24 st (plus 1) repeat, but of course you could work around that.
I think it a nice stitch and the more repeats the more attractive it is. I imagine it in a nice silk blend.

SWATCH 2: Bamboo Stitch
This was an easy 2 row repeat.
Bamboo Stitch Swatch
 I realize this is not the best picture in the world, but it's been rainy over here so I'm forced to photograph indoors. Here's a sort of close-up.
The way this stitch is made is you do a yarn over, knit two stitches, then pass the yo over those two stitches. And then the ws rows are just purled. It is really easy and yet makes this interesting texture. I imagine it at the bib of a sweater, or even as a substitute rib at the neckline. It is rather stretchy, and the more you stretch it the more holey it looks. I find myself wondering if it would look even cooler at a large gauge...

SWATCH 3: Woven Ladder Stitch
Another easy stitch pattern with big results.
Woven Ladder Swatch
(Please ignore the incredibly loose bind off. I bound off purlwise.)
This time, you bring the yarn forward and slip 3 stitches, put the yarn back in place and knit 5. This is repeated with a staggered effect over 8 rows.
Not a stretchy swatch, but still quite attractive and achieved with minimal effort. I've seen a cousin of this pattern used in socks, but really I can't think of much use for it. Aside from afghan squares, although it isn't reversible. Oh well.

That's that for this week.

Next time I am working on:
1) Ripple Stitch
2) Double Trellis Pattern
3) Cross Stitch
All of which look intimidating to some degree, especially in combination with the fact that I have a 2 year old vying for my attention.
Happy Knitting!


  1. Oooh, I don't think I've seen anything like the bamboo stitch - that looks neat! Great job on all your swatches!

  2. dude, i need to learn more stitches! i think it would be very helpful considering i design my own patterns! ug.... some look so complicated. are there any ones you like in particular?


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