Saturday, July 23, 2011

What I did today...

I knitted a friend.
Harry Bear pattern here.
I used Berroco Chinchilla. It used exactly one skein, including the seaming.
It is very very cute :)
I plan on making more (I was gifted 11 balls of this yarn-unfortunately all in the same dyelot: moldy green) and giving them to the various babies in my family!
1) Vyvyan 1 yr
2) Zoe 1 yr
3) Maliyah 5 mo
4) Layla 2 mo
5) Emilio 2 yr
6) As-Yet-Unknown 0 mo
7) Lara's baby, also 0 mo

Also, I think I may end up keeping this one, because it is oh so cute and it has dead eyes.
For the next ones I'm going to have to actually learn how to embroider decently.
So anyways.
That's what I did today.

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