Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Finished Object!!! (.....finally)

Today I finally finished the mystery item for my neice's upcoming baby.
Remember this?
 Now it's a full fledged baby bonnet.

Seeing as the baby is still in a belly, Curious George will have to model it for us.
The pattern can be found for free here, and in case you want to make a pixie hat but have no babies to knit for, there's also a pattern using worsted weight yarn for adults.
Straps were sewn on at the end.
The construction was actually rather intersting. The only seaming was at the bottom, where I attached the tie. Technically, the pattern asked me to seam up along the bind off edge, but I used a three-needle bind off instead.
So that was fun.
I figured I had to finish at least one project to make up for what I cast on for yesterday.
I know you can't tell, but this is what it will look like.
Well, not really because the sample horse was knitted with Rowan Cashcroft and I'm using RHSS.
Now I know I pretty much swore I'd never buy Red Heart again, but it turns out I should have sworn never to knit with it again. Apparently I don't have the heart in me to give away yarn, not even bad yarn, and so I'm knitting some of my acquired plasticky stash into plushy toys for my relatives. This pony is going to Emilio, I think, for Christmas.
In a similar attempt to rid myself of stash, I cast on for a behemouth of a project.
It's a blanket, in Bernat Harmony.
I ended up with a total of 11 balls of Bernat Harmony, and I think the best solution is a huge blanket. I'm using 10.5's and it's a pretty chunky yarn and I didn't add any fancy stitches or anything so it should go by pretty fast, I'm hoping. I know I'm not exactly going to enjoy knitting dark green for 56 inches, but I will definitely appreciate the finished object.

I swear I'm not just casting things on willy nilly.
I did do a bit of work on my sweater. S. Plural.
I'm honestly afraid to touch the Ringwood sweater. I'm starting to think it's cursed?
I love working on this
And my top down raglan is coming along slowly. I cherish working on it, and I'm starting to decide I love WOTA. And not just because it's 2 bucks a ball.
Anyways, that's my knitting life.
Tomorrow's WIP Wednesday, and I've pretty  got it narrowed down:::
1) Mystery present for swapee (no pics)
2) 2nd mystery present for swappee (sorry no pics this one's adorable)
3) Ancient guitar man socks
4) the deep freeze scarf
5) Hardcore sweater
6) Smiten garland
7) fair isle sweater.

Wow, that's narrowed down?
Well anyways, I've got to work on something I hate tomorrow, basically.
Happy knitting!

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