Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week Five....of the Super Stitches Knitting Project

This week's challenge was:
1) Little Arrow Stitch
2) Diamond Seed Brocade
3) Four-Stitch Check
 Swatch 1: Little Arrow Stitch
I actually started working on this swatch last week, directly after finishing that page. It looked interesting, and I did several repeats before putting it away. Picking it back up today, I found that it was rather easy to see my place. The pattern is not reversible, but I think it would make for a nice hat with some plain colored wool. It's definitely not a boring pattern, and I really like the way it looks. It's only a 4 row repeat, also, which makes me infinitely happy.

Swatch 2: Diamond Seed Brocade
Again, I have been mentally damaged by diamond patterns and so there was no way I was going to enjoy this. However, unlike the regular diamond brocade from week two this was not the exact same stitch pattern from those terrible (still unfinished) socks.
I was surprised to find this pattern enjoyable. It's not my favorite because the majority of it is stockinette and it rolls, but it wasn't hell to knit either. I did find that when I switch from knits to purls (or maybe it's when I switch from purls to knits) I often create a small hole- the most noticable on the bottom right corner of the swatch. I'll have to look into that.
I liked this diamond pattern much better than the diamond brocade from week 2, in looks and in difficulty. If I ever feel the need to put diamonds on my knit goods, I know which one I'll choose.

Swatch 3: Four Stitch Check
I didn't like this pattern.
1) it was boring (k4, p4 for three rows then p4, k4 for three rows repeat ad nauseum)
2) it was only minimally attractive of you stretch the hell out of it
3) it's lumpy
It has this ugly welt thing going on that I can't imagine wanting in any knitted garment.
On the plus side? It's reversible.

So that's it for Week 5!
It's starting to get more interesting after next week, and once I reach the Knit and Purl Pattern section, I'm going to weave in all the ends from this section and tuck all the swatches in a big ziplock bag. That'll be fun, I'm sure.

Next week I will be knitting:
1) Horizontal Dash Stitch
2) Stockinette Stitch Check
3) Basket Stitch

Of which, the basket stitch looks the most appealing.
Happy Knitting!

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