Monday, July 25, 2011

Ringwood Sweater Update

How many problems have I had with this sweater so far?
00) Cast on for Victoria Raglan and joined instead of leaving flat: FROGGED (a few rows)
0) Realized my collar mods weren't going to work: FROGGED (a few inches)
1) Cast on wrong number of stitches, using gauge from previous sweater attempt: FROGGED (5 inches)
2) Forgot to switch needles after ribbing FROGGED (7 inches)
3) Did a hideous "full" sleeve FROGGED (7 inches)
4) Tried the fitted sleeve and disrupted Ringwood pattern FROGGED (4 inches)
That was where I was at when I gave up on the sweater and let it sit in a bag for a few days.

Finally, I decided to start working on it again, and this happened:
5) Tried fitted sleeve and increased to 64 stitches, too big. FROGGED to 56 stitches (4 inches)
It only had to sit in the box overnight for that one, but then yesterday THIS happened:

6) Worked from 56 stitches to 2" below armpit, still too big FROGGED to ribbing (10 inches)
Wanna see a picture?
Awww, it's as long as a puppy.

Ripped all the way to the ribbing.
Now the sleeve is starting to turn out.
It is 46 stitches.
So that leads me to a real wtf question:
Apparently (knitting gods EZ and jackie fee to be believed) all the measurements of my body are a percentage of my chest measurement.
My wrists should be 20% of this number, and my upper arm 33.3%
I used those numbers to calculate how many stitches to build up to. That number was 56 stitches. WHY exactly is the more accurate number 10 stitches (TWO INCHES) off???
Am I a freak? Are my wrists freakishly skinny? Is my bust measurement too big for how skinny my arms are? What, exactly, do I look like????

I have to do some measuring and some math, but honestly I'm not sure I want to.
The easier thing would be to work on something else.... yeah....

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