Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mary Frances Knitting and Crocheting Book Video Review

Here is yet another video review, in which I talk. Too much.

In other news, I've finished Will's socks.

Modeled by my brother Remo

 Unfortunately, there is a problem. Somehow (I think it's because the socks hate me, but I guess it could be a different reason) the socks are two different sizes. They aren't two different lengths; it's not that I'm stupid. The problem seems to be that halfway through the second sock I either lost a great number of stitches without noticing it (and without any evidence) or my guage changed dramatically.
The second sock is much much tighter than the first. So much so, that my brother had difficulty getting it on his foot- and he's not a size 11!
I think, honestly, that the way these socks dragged out coupled with the teeny weeny needle size and the size 11 foot, that I knitted the second one tighter because I was angry with it. Friends don't let friends knit angry.
Luckily, I finished one of Will's more attractive (and more washable) socks:
It's not a tube sock; it needs a heel. I decided to do an afterthought heel for these because
1) I've never done an afterthought heel before
2) Will claimed the gusset heel was ill-fitting
I'm afraid, with more consideration, that a short row heel would have been a better choice. After all, an afterthought heel would portrude wouldn't it? I don't know. I've never done one before.

Of course, then I cast on a new project.

This is from Teach Yourself Visually Socks
 I'm working these worsted boot socks with some old Wool-Ease that came my way from Will's sister. Seriously, look how old it is.
I cast on and worked the first 4 inches while watching Lord of the Flies last night. I love how quickly it's coming along, seeing as it's worsted weight.
There was a problem with the heel, however.
It turns out that I suck at short row heels. It may be because the method shown in the book is not the one I used for my pirate socks(the only other instance of me using short row heels). Hopefully the next one will turn out okay. At any rate, they're for me so they don't have to be special at all ;)

Finally, a sneak peek at the gift for an upcoming baby.
You'll see. It's a free pattern and I'm using the Mini Mochi I bought at Knitique and size 3 straights. Hopefully I'll be able to post a picture of it on a baby, eventually. Once said baby gets the hell out of its hidey hole.

Also, tonight Will is coming over and we should be heading out to San Francisco for a mini just-us vacation! So there should be plenty of yarn shops sights to see, and I'll share them all with ya'll.
And it probably goes without saying, but even though tomorrow's Wednesday I'm probably not going to work on any old WIPs. Mainly because the one I was planning on isn't portable enough (also it's that intarsia sweater and I'm too chicken to learn intarsai). Instead I'll bring along Mom's Mara shawl, and Will's stripey socks. Brainless knits are good knits.
That's all for today...
Happy Knitting!

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