Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week Four...of the Super Stitches Knitting Project

This week's challenge was:
1) Diagonal Seed Stitch
2) Rib Checkerboard
3) Moss Stitch

I figured these three swatches would be very easy, but I was wrong!
Mainly because the Rib Checkerboard instructions had a mistake. I actually did the swatch twice, once following instructions exactly and once changing it to suit my thoughts. Neither time did it look exactly like the picture.
Top left: Moss stitch /Top right: Diagonal seed/ Giant bottom swatch: Rib Checkerboard
(I think I thought that if I cast on more stitches for the Rib checkerboard pattern, I would have less room for error. )

SWATCH 1: Diagonal Seed Stitch
This swatch was very easy. Though there is a ten row repeat, you don't really have to pay attention once you have the pattern going. It's kind of like following a picture. Once you can see where your purls are, you just purl before the last purl. If that makes any sense.

 That said, I don't really like this stitch pattern. It's pretty boring. Also, the author notes that diagonal patterns stretch on the bias and, while with a tiny swatch that effect isn't prominent, I don't want something all wonky. So I probably won't be using this one a whole lot. It's not reversible at all, it curls a lot, and I can only imagine putting it in a knit and purl panel of a gansey.

SWATCH 2: Rib Checkerboard
I don't even have the opportunity to talk about how I like this as a stitch pattern or as a fabric. Seeing as there was a big fat mistake. (A really obvious one. I noticed it, but followed the directions anyway the first time. Needless to say I ripped that attempt out)

I changed it in the book, but I still don't think I'll knit this again.
I think, in fact, that there is more than one mistake. See, the pattern is supposed to look like this.

From page 51: See how each little square is the same size? Square?
 You can see the issue on my swatch better from the reverse side, so I'll show you that first.
It's like it's moved two stitches over.
I have a rolly polly on my swatch
Not outstanding at all.

Closeup: It's pretty obvious these are not square.
 I think the problem is that the editor missed or switched around a (K1,P1) for a (P1,K1). Honestly, I'd have an easier time just following the picture in the book rather than the instructions. Hopefully there aren't any typos like this on later swatches where it won't be so obvious to me. Say....the bobbles?

SWATCH 3: Moss Stitch
My moss stitch swatch came out FUNKY.

I have no idea why. But also, it is very holy. As in, I was watching Antique Roadshow while I worked this up and paid way more attention to the pricy senate chairs than to the tightness of my knits and purls. This is a pathetic example of moss stitch, and I promise you that I know that. If I were turning this in to TKGA I wouldn't be surprised if they laughed at me. Although, I would be curious to what exactly they would suggest for the next swatch.

So that's Sunday!
I'm pleased to let you know that soon the super simple knit and purl patterns will be over. In 5 pages (Yes I know that's 5 weeks) I'm moving on to Knit and Purl Panels!!! Yay!!
The fact that this project is going to take about 2 years is looming in my mind. I've started thinking about maybe posting twice a week, but I know that I actually have a chance of keeping the goal of once a week.


Next week's swatches are:
1) Little Arrow Stitch
2) Diamond Seed Brocade
3) Four-Stitch Check

Happy Knitting!

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