Thursday, June 30, 2011

WIP Wedthursday

Well, WIP Wednesday went well.
I chose Will's wool socks to work on, and did a fair amount in the morning. (basically until my fingers started hurting.) Then put on Alice in Wonderland and did a bit more in the afternoon.
After (I did something clever for once and marked with a safety pin my starting point. It made me feel better and encouraged me to continue with the incredibly boring, plain colored sock.)
Will was at work during this time, so me and his sisters Heather and Tiffany were hanging out watching movies while Vyvyan pretended he was a dog some more and chased the cat while panting.
I had to take pictures to show off what Tiffany was doing during this time:
An old photo found at the goodwill of a girl in blue reading a book.

Her idea of what to turn the picture into.
Basically, her plan was to paint most of it black (except the girl who was now going to be Alice) and paint the hole Alice falls down around her. So clocks and keys and jam and cupboards and books and all the things Alice sees while she falls. On the border of the picture, she planned to paint several characters from the movie(s). So, the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, the March Hare, whoever suits her fancy. Well, I thought Good Luck with that, Tiff, and once Will got home we took the Chunky to Folsom.

We picked up Will's besty Duncan, and his girlfriend Jill, and went on a 2 mile hike with the Chunk, in search of the Dungeons and Dragons park (named myself). It goes without saying that Vyvyan got very very tired. Then we got to the park and he had so much fun!
Talking to the statues

Playing in the sand


He got pretty tired though.
 He was super cranky on the walk back to the car. Probably because it was a mile away. We picked blackberries and fed them to him though, which helped a bit.

Then we get home and find that Tiffany has worked on the picture quite a bit.
Closeups of Characters:

Cheshire cat from the Cartoon Alice

Unfinished Frumious Bandersnatch

March Hare from the Tim Burton movie

Rocking-Horse fly from the cartoon (I wanted her to do a bread-and-butter fly so bad)

The caterpillar with his infamous hookah

And after his marvelous transformation

Dormouse from Tim Burton film
And the White Rabbit
So that's coming out super awesome and I hope she finishes it before my vacation is over so I can post the final product! She's so creative; who thinks to paint over an photo keeping one element! She also made some necklaces and gave one to me and one to my mom:
The giant flower one went to my mom. The round one went to a friend, the one with the feather is mine, and the last few were made for her mom to go with a book she's writing, which I think is called "Dream Navigator" but isn't out yet.

So then we ate waffles for dinner and I had to put an incredibly cranky baby to bed. It took two bottles (one formula, one whole milk) and four readings of this book by Weird Al.

Then I passed out. In jeans. Still wearing a bra. Without brushing my teeth. With company still in the next room. So, no. I didn't post my WIP Wednesday post until today.

I leave you with this sign we saw on the trail in Folsom:
 wholesome folsom.

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  1. Looks like fun, and I love all the photos, and haha! Love the sign in Folsom! Chunky is totally adorable! <3 Always fun having fun with the family. :)


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