Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Awww, I remembered that it was WIP Wednesday!
And I came online to post!
Unfortunately, I didn't bust out a WIP to work on today.
Instead I cast on (and finished) a new project.

What the hell is it? A sock? A....Willie Warmer?
 I made this beautiful object with some leftover Joanns Sensations Bamboo & Ewe from a pair of Monkeys I knit for my neice. A pattern which, incidentally, was completely obscured by the self-striping yarn. Now I know.
So this item was made with 5 size 1 needles, and the best part about the pattern was that it was completely customizable! This project was designed by Jennifer Lori; it's called Elphie's Camera Case and can be found by clicking this link. (PS, check out her cute personalized car pennant pattern! it's available for only 1.99 CAD)

This cozy is so amazing because:
1) it is entirely seamless.
2) you don't have to "get gauge." you just measure your thingie (CAMERA! Get your mind out of the gutter!) and then measure your gauge with whatever needles and yarn you want and then plug in some numbers on a worksheet and get a perfect fit!
3) you don't have to sew any buttons to it
4) the extra long seed stitch bit offers double protection for your screen. (Extra handy for my since I have no viewfinder and without the screen I'm doomed. Also, I may drop stuff.)

So here are some more pictures!
Remember, I took them with my cell phone because my camera was busy modeling her new dress.
So no making fun!

Snug as a bug in a rug.

How revealing!
 So that's it for WIP Wednesday.
Next time my WIP will be an actual work in progress. Preferably one of the ones that it hiding in my closet.
WIP Wednesday needs some rules, dammit!
1) Must already be on the needles on Wednesday
2) Preferably something I have not worked on in at least 5 days
3) Must work on the WIP/UFO for at least 1 hour
4) Must post one before picture and one after picture to prove I made any progress

Haha, we'll see how long I keep this up! ;)

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