Saturday, June 25, 2011

On Vacation!!

I'm living the good life for a week or two, up in Rescue with Will's family.
My boyfriend is awesome and we stopped at a yarn shop on the way.
In Elk Grove
I stopped to take a picture of their adorable sheep out front, who I believe is made out of house insulation.
And of course I couldn't resist buying something to support my LYS. I picked out some Mini Mochi and a pattern for some belted fingerless gloves, which I'm sure I'll cast on before I finish any of my UFOs. I'm going to attempt Magic Loop for the first time when I do them, though, so that's my justification.

Soon to be an xmas present for someone special.
Then today we woke up at early-oh-clock and headed out to the local farmer's market in Placerville. We were hoping to meet up with an ex-roommate who now farms for a living. We saw his dad, though, but were too chicken to say hi.
Here's Will asking if Vyvyan would like a weird squash thing. I said yes, and he bought it but we haven't fed it to Vyvyan yet so who knows.
After the Farmer's Market we went to yet another yarn shop (Gawd I love my boyfriend, he's such an enabler. He told me to buy some pink sock yarn that was $26.)
A little expensive, but super packed with luscious goods. And the people are always great.
Again, in order to support my knitterly sisters I had to buy something. This time just one skein:
Berroco Ultra Alpaca.
It's a beautiful color, fading from black to dark grey, to light grey. I'm hoping I can find a nice hat pattern so I can work it into a christmas present for one of the men in my family.

Lofty Lou's had their own sheep as well:
Isn't it so fluffy?? It's also a chair. I want one. Baa ram ewe!!
After Lofty Lou's we headed to the bead shop, where I didn't buy anything because it was closed and I don't bead. Then we went to "The Bookery" which is a shop so crowded with books that we had to leave the stroller at the door. I did find a small knitting section and was interested to note that every knitting book they had there was $9. No matter what book it was. I did pick out a book, though I have no idea how useful it will be. Probably eventually will be. I love books, anyway.

The Sweater Workshop, by Jacqueline Fee

We also stopped by a cute herb and magick shop. Will bought me a few ceder balls to stick in my stash as moth deterrants. Did I mention I love him?

Then we had a delicious lunch at the Heyday Cafe, and went home pooped. I totally played tourist in a town I used to live in! It was awesome.
Froot Loop Socks in Knit One Crochet Too's Crock-o-Dye
Oh, also? I finished a WIP!
I also have a tale of horror, but at the moment it is too unmentionable. I'll show you a single picture and then I'll go fondle my alpaca on the couch and pretend the whole incident never happened. Tomorrow, the full story and maybe -just maybe- a happy ending.

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