Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Super Stitches Knitting Video Review

Hi everyone! Today is Tuesday, and Tuesdays are for reviewing. (I'm still out in Rescue with the "in-laws" so my video is kind of on-the-spot and I haven't got a stitch of makeup on but no making fun!) Also, I was initially going to review my Boye set, but I forgot to bring it on vacation with me, so instead I'll be reviewing something I did bring: The Super Stitches Knitting book by Karen Hemingway.
Speaking of which, I have 1 swatch done already for next week! Go me!
And here's the video you've been DYING to see.

So thanks for watching and reading!
Tomorrow is WIP Wednesday.

Oh, uploading this video reminded me. My youtube account also has a bunch of songs I wrote, in case you wanted to watch a crazy with a guitar. ;)

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