Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Takumi Combo Video Review

Thanks to Abby from everywhere knits for giving me the great idea to post a video review! (I tried to comment on your blog that I'm stealing your idea but it seems I only know how to post blogs, not blog comments.)

A few details I forgot to mention:
Materials are....
Needle: Bamboo
Cord: Nylon.
Joint: Stainless steel.
Storage Case: Synthetic leather.
Elastic band: Polyurathane, nylon.
Cord Case: Olefin resin.

The needle lengths are 3 3/8” (size 3-10 1/2) and 3 3/4” (size 11, 13 and 15)

So there you have it!
Pros are:
-5 useful cables sizes
-Very flexible cables (magic loop)
-Bamboo= warm, smooth, good finish
-Nice Case that zips closed
-Cables attach to all size needles
- $99 at Nancy's Notions

Cons are:
-Blunt tips
-No connectors
-No point protectors
-No size 2's
-Possibility there is a problem with connections

Get them cheap HERE

If you have any questions do email me at grandmastatus@gmail.com or send me a personal message on Ravelry. (username: grandmastatus) I'll do my best to clear things up.

This review is just my personal experience, and I'm not saying this is the best or worst set out there. Each knitter should find the right set for themselves as there are so many factors.

Questions to ask yourself before making a decision on a set of interchangeables:
-What needle sizes do I use the most? If you know that you only knit lace, there's no reason to get an all-inclusive set. You could easily pick out the steel Hiya Hiya small set with just sizes from 2-8 for $70 at fabric.com . The KA set also comes in different sets based on "small, medium, large" needle sizes, as well as their "expanded" which is good for people like me who "gotta catch 'em all"
-What material do I like best? If you have no idea if you'd prefer metal, plastic, or wood there are ways to try out sets before you buy. 1) Do you have any friends who knit? Can you borrow their needles? 2) At many fiber events companies will allow you to test knit their products. 3) For $20 you can order a sample of each of Knitpicks' options. It's called the Try It Needle Set and it could be a good starting point to deciding what materials your fingers like best.
-Have I considered all my options? Don't let the big sites trick you into thinking the only interchangeables are the Denise's, the Boyes, the Addis and the KnitPicks! There are other sets to consider. For example, the inexpensive Knitpro set looks like a great option. Especially for someone who might not be sure if they want to invest a lot into a needle set. (When I bought my boyes for $60, I had never used a circular needle before! After 7 years I have moved on to something with more quality, but I think I needed that practice set.) Here is another little known set that deserves recognition. Though, at $140 it is a bit pricey. Some other needle sets at the higher end are the very lovely Darn Pretty set from Dyak Craft. These ones, you have the option of choosing long or short needle lengths because apparently some people have issues with that.  And don't forget the Lantern Moons. All these sets have their own wonderful features, and each one is perfect for some knitters out there.
-What are the pros and cons of each set? The best way to find out what set is best for you is to try it, but since you can't always do that, you should talk to as many knitters as you can. Find reviews from REAL LIVE KNITTERS and form your own opinions!
-Where am I ordering from? I mentioned that I got this set for $99 and they retail for $170, right? Where you get your set can make a huge difference!
-How much am I willing to spend? Probably the first thing you notice about a new set is its price. Its price can be a deal-breaker. $170 was completely unattainable for me. I would never have bought this set no matter what it contained. Back in 2004, $60 was as much as I could possibly do. Set a limit, and shop around as much as you can. Ask other knitters if they have an old set they're not using anymore.
-Do I really need them? You have to answer this one for yourself. But for me, the answer is YES YES YES!! I love circulars since you can knit flat on the as well. Also, having it all right there at your fingertips is great for when you finished the ribbing on your sweater and have to switch to size 8's. But hey, that's just me. :)

Happy knitting!

P.S. If you're thinking about uploading a video using blogspots video upload tool? Don't. If you want to wait three hours and have nothing happen, go right ahead. But I'd advise you to just put the damn thing on youtube.


  1. Hey thanks for the shout-out! Youtube is slow when uploading long videos, but its better than other places apparently! I tried using vimeo for my video because I'd seen other people use it on blogger, but it took FOREVER so like you I just used youtube. way easier.
    I love your blog, the stitch pattern swatches project you are doing is awesome, and I think you could definitely make it up into a blanket at the end of the day even if they are all slightly different sizes.
    Can you explain to me the master knitter course you mentioned? I was curious and didn't see where you explained that.

  2. Hi do the needles come with stoppers to use them as individual needles like the denise needles?

  3. I really wish I knew a better way to reply to you, Karen, but I can't find an email or rav id or anything! So I'll just answer with crossed fingers you'll some day check back. I think I mentioned it in the video, NO. These needles do NOT come with stoppers. I wish they did but they don't. :(


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