Saturday, June 11, 2011

I've actually decided to do it....

Using the book "Super Stitches Knitting" I am going to increase my knitting skills and prepare for the Master Knitting Course. For my birthday, I'm buying myself a NICE pair of rosewood knitting needles (probably size 5) to be used solely for the purpose of knitting my way through the 300+ stitch patterns in Super Stitches. I'm giving myself one week for each PAGE. (each page has about 3 or 4 different patterns) and-as i'm not crazy- not giving myself a time limit. I'm also getting a big ol' skein of Fisherman's. I'm going to start TOMORROW. (because it's sunday and thus the start of a week)
I will post pictures of the yarn, the new needles, and the cover of the book.
I will post on Every Sunday, the overview of my challenges for that week.
baby needs me to read to him now.

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