Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week ONE....of the super stitches knitting experience

The Book I plan on utilizing to up my skillz yo
Spent $10 for some plain white wool for this project. Here it is balled up and ready to go!

Week one challenge WAS:
Knit 3 swatches:
1)Stockinette Stitch
2)Reverse Stockinette Stitch
3)Garter Stitch

I expected this to be a lot worse than it was: I feared I would die of boredom. I did not, mainly because I was watching TV while I swatched.
I used size 5 needles, and CO 20 sttiches for each swatch.
Finshed gauge is 5 stitches to the inch for each swatch. All are 4" wide. Which is utterly surprising to me.
However, the swatches are not blocked so they look rather roly poly.

PICTURES, as promised. (I bought a new camera for $30 dollars for my birthday. The price should give you an indicator of what quality the camera is. Also that should be some explanation of the photos, hopefully.)

The garter stitch swatch looked the best, mainly because it lies flat.

Can you tell I didn't block them yet?

This is so wonky and ugly. I keep telling myself it will be worth it when I get to the impressive patterns stitches. I hope I'm telling myself the truth.

And all three of my little babies together.

 I'm not going to pretend I took forever making these swatches perfect.
I didn't. I didn't even care about these swatches and I still don't.
After all, it's not like  I'm partaking in the course yet, so I don't have anyone critiquing my work except me. And, big surprise, I don't know what to critique yet. So the fun stuff isn't happening for a few weeks, when I get to cables, lace and all that jazz. But I will faithfully knit and post all the boring stuff until I get there. After all, I spent like $20 on that book and so far I haven't used it except for admiring stitch patterns I've never tried!!!

 And, finally, the beautiful bag I keep it all in. (Got the bag for 1.99 at my local Barnes and Noble.)

One of my favorite books! Though I worry that by the end of this book I'll reflect upon "to kill a" in a very bad way.

 And that's it for this week!

Next week we have some exciting new stitch patterns:
1) Simple Seed Texture
2) Diamond Brocade (a 12 row repeat)
3) Basic Seed Stitch

Only really worried about the diamond brocade because I mess up a lot on stitch patterns with lots of repeats. But, hey, that's why I'm doing this! To improve my knitting skills, to expand my stitch pattern experience, and mostly to decide WHICH patterns I hate doing and which will be fun to add to a new design.

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