Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week TWO...of the Super Stitches Knitting Project

I remembered this morning that I had promised to update every Sunday.
Problem: I hadn't cast on a single stitch. So, I worked up all three swatches as quickly as possible during Vyvyan's nap. This is probably why I ended up with some ugly mistakes I'll zoom in on later.

So, this week's challenge was:
1) Simple Seed Texture
2) Diamond Brocade
3) Seed Stitch

The Swatches:
Week 2 Swatches

You will probably notice right away what swatch I had the most trouble with.
As a big surprise to me, the hardest swatch was the one I thought would be the most simple: The seed stitch swatch! (on top)
Here is a closeup:

Seed Stitch Swatch
As you can see, I knitted this swatch with two entirely different gauges. When I began the swatch, it was a breeze. I wasn't really paying attention because, well, it's seed stitch. I knit and purl all the time. Seed stitch is HELLA easy, right? Apparently not.
Somewhere, when I was researching the Master Knitter program, I read that for the seed stitch swatch they want a swatch that is 20 stitches wide (check) using worsted weight wool (check) that is four inches wide and long (check) that, when held to the light, has NO HOLES. I held it up to the light about halfway through and realized that my purls are so loose that in order to avoid gaping holes I had to tug like a mofo every other stitch. After that realization, I concentrated on the swatch and got a much better result. I thought about redo-ing it, but I think keeping it this way proves the lesson was learned.
Another problem with this swatch was that I came to a knot in the wool. And, lazy me, I left it there. Here is a closeup:

Big knot right in the middle.

Diamond Brocade Swatch
The Diamond Brocade swatch was much easier than I had expected. I actually found that the less I concentrated on following the pattern, the easier it was to do so. I didn't do enough to actually memorize the pattern, but that's because this pattern is eerily similar to a pair of socks I've been (not) working on for 4 months.
For this swatch, I cast on 25 stitches because it has to be a repeat of 12 +1.
Thinking back on it, I should have cast on 37 stitches and done all three on the same swatch just like it shows in the book. Somehow I was clinging to the idea that I might be able to sew the swatches all up into a blanket, but now I don't know who exactly I thought I was kidding. There are a ton of swatches and they're all going to need different cast on numbers. Plus there's a whole section on edgings. Better to just knit each swatch as I see fit, and most likely NOT make a blanket out of them.
Oh, I had an issue with the Diaond Brocade, too. Not really a knitting issue. More of a Cast On issue. I put 24 stitches on the needle and knit the first row to the end and realized hey! i don't have enough stitches!
Which was probably because it has to be a repeat of 12+1.
So I increased one stitch using a KFB before the last stitch. That way the small bead might pass as the purl I needed right before the last stitch. I don't think it worked. Next time I'll have a redo.

You can totally tell I increased one
3) Simple Seed Texture
I absolutely adored making this swatch. I love how simple it was, how easy it was to find your place in the pattern, and how pretty it looks. I never thought  would enjoy this pattern, because it looked really boring and easy. Turns out the effect is totally worth it, and I'm already imagining a red and green hat using this stitch pattern to mimic a strawberry. ♥

So that's it for this week!
Upcoming swatches are:
1)Double Moss Stitch
2)Chevron Seed Stitch
3)Deep Chevron Pattern

In Other News:
Video Review Tuesdays and WIP Wednesdays are coming soon!
This Tuesday, tune in for a review of the Clover Takumi Combo Interchangeable Needle Set 
(Including the best place to find it CHEAP!)

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