Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week THREE...of the Super Stitches Knitting Project

It's Sunday, and that means it's time for this week's update!

My challenge was...
1)Double Moss Stitch
2)Chevron Seed Stitch
3)Deep Chevron Pattern

Here are my lovely swatches, posing on the porch:

1) Double Moss Stitch was a stitch pattern I've often used before, which made this swatch a breeze.

Double Moss

2) Chevron Seed Stitch swatch came out rather nice. I've always avoided patterns like this because I'm always afraid I'll lose my place. It turns out this pattern was only a 4 row repeat and it would have been difficult to lose my place. Even if I did, I could easily get back on track again just by looking at the pattern. I will definitely be using this stitch pattern again.


3) Deep Chevron Pattern is reversible, and I've always looked at the picture and thought "Scarf" But when I actually worked this one up, I didn't like the result. The swatch ended up rather bunched and unseemly. Kind of like weird ribbing happened. Not worth the effort, to me. Especially since so many of the rows are nearly identical with just one or two differences that I don't realize until I have to tink half the row. Maybe I just need to utilize post-its when working from 12 and up repeats?

Deep Chevron

Next Week's Swatches are:
1) Diagonal Seed Stitch
2) Rib Checkerboard
3) Moss Stitch

In completely unrelated news, my son believes he is a dog.

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