Sunday, August 12, 2012

Proof! (Jump Into Fall KAL post #2)

I have cast on and started working on my Fairly Easy Fair Isle Cardigan!
See? See? See?
Man! Why did I choose black??? I thought about it, too. I was like, "Hmm if I pick black then all the blog photos are going to be really impossible to see. And I have already knitted ONE entirely black sweater so I know how boring they are to knit...." But black is utterly wearable, and I like the way the colors work together. So... Too bad. Black it is, and ugly blog photos it shall be.

I noticed after I took the picture that I made a mistake on the bottom dark blue fair isle. I'm just going to fix it with duplicate stitch later on. Or maybe I won't. Who knows; it's on the underside and will likely never be noticed.

In other news my pantalones (Nethergarments)are nearly complete! I'm sooooo excited- even though I will be weaving in ends for eternity.
Then once I'm done weaving in all the ends and working the kitchner for the crotch, it's time to start the looooong I-cord to help keep them up. I have a few words to say about knitting pants, now that I've actually done it, but I think I will save them for my FO Friday post.

This week is the first week since I started working that I actually have 2 days off in one week. I'm super excited because one of those days is Wednesday and I'm looking forward to actually spending some time reading other peoples' blogs. I miss my knitting community!

So anyways, I shall weave in ends today and update you guys with pictures soon. I wish I had a photographer (ha. and a camera instead of my cell phone) so I could dance around in my new pants and get awesome pictures ;)

Which is double evidence for how crazy I am because it's 100 degrees in Stockton today. Yesterday was 106! And I'm knitting with wool.

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  1. yaaaayyyyy for having time to catch up on blogs. i am so so behind!

    I just got myself a photographer, it is wonderful, though I am no model!

    And I cant wait to see your pants!! Model them!!


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