Friday, August 3, 2012

July in Review

July in Review

OK July was just sad. Like, pathetically sad. First I was job hunting for the first two weeks and then finally I got my job and my knitting time just went out the window. On top of the job thing, my brother moved out which means I have been getting his old room ready so my son can have his own room. I still have to paint it, and scrub the walls etc. So yeah I've been insanely busy, and knitting has taken the back burner. Especially since it is SUPER hot in my house (no a/c) so I only really knit at lunch breaks. When I get home from work, I've oddly been reaching for the guitar strings instead of the yarn string. I don't know what's up with that, but I'm ok with it because I love music just as much as I love fiber.

July Finished Objects
Links to Rav project pages
And yeah they're mostly hats. I know.
1.) Ski Sweater
2) White & Red Hat
3) White & Purple Hat
4) White, Purple & Lilac Hat
5) Brown & Pink Hat
6) Stripey Wannabe Tam.
7) Doorstop The Ghost.

6 projects completed. Surprisingly that's more than last month, but since they're mostly simple tiny little things it only makes sense.
I FINALLY only have one item carrying over from last year: the hexipuffs! (And no I haven't worked on a hexipuff and I'm not participating in the event formerly known as the Ravelympics to inspire me to make some more.)

Another Finally? My ski sweater! Thank goodness that's done! I can't wait until it's cold enough to wear it!

Techniques Learned
Steeking! First I did a front cardigan steek for my Ugly Cardigan (Which is NEARLY done but I need a cool morning to work on it- possibly tomorrow, which is my first day off from work in 9 days)
Then I did the steeking for the Ski Sweater, which was a little harder because I had to sew in sleeves rather than pick up a cardigan band.
I meant to learn the afterthought pocket and buttonhole techniques this month with the Ugly Cardigan, but like I said, I didn't finish that poor thing.

Goals for July:
1) Finish The Ugly Sweater
2) Learn Afterthought Pocket Technique
3) Crochet a baby sweater (Either the Pee-Wee or the Beyond Rectangles)
4) TOK Knit
5) Sock Knit (Patchwork socks are ideal)

Ok I didn't get a single goal done. But The Ugly Cardigan and the Pea-Wee coat are in progress. So that's good. I'm going to go ahead an let these same goals carry over for August. EXCEPT that I'm adding one in place of the TOK knit.

Goals for August:
1) Finish The Ugly Sweater
2) Learn Afterthought Pocket Technique
3) Crochet a baby sweater (Either the Pee-Wee or the Beyond Rectangles)
4) Swatch and start Calligraphy Cardigan (I want to KAL with Project Stash)
5) Sock Knit (Patchwork socks are ideal)

As for my IRL yarn purchases?
9 Skeins of weird electric blue acrylic from Big Lots
1 Skein of Patons Classic Wool (This yarn is seriously my favorite. I love it, it's cheap, and it softens nicely. I try to get some whenever I can just so the stash is bright and beautiful.)
And that's it. Not a lot of time for any yarny goodness this month.
My days lack fiber.

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  1. If it makes you feel better I completed exactly 0 projects in July, but I've got a ton of them planned after I get some ebay sales.


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