Friday, August 10, 2012

KAL with Project Stash Post #1

My swatch for the KAL is officially done, washed and blocked.
I established what kind of sweater I want at this time in my life and decided it should be:
  • Knit in the round- avoid purling
  • A cardigan, which means steeking
  • A bit of colorwork but not too much (Remember my hat I started working on? It was actually too complicated to work during breaks at work!)
  • Mostly plain stockinette, since that is what I swatched in
  • Circular yoke construction
  • Preferably a free pattern
So, after blocking my 12 stitch per 4" gauge went up to 14 stitches per 4". Which means I could go search again for another sweater, (Like True North, or the Unnur Icelandic Pullover) but I settled on Fairly Easy Fair Isle last night and it is such an easy pattern I can easily change the math and stick the same color patterns in.

I'm pretty excited about this project, because easy sweaters are always completed rather quickly and without fuss. I don't plan on adding any waist shaping or anything fancy, and I'm going to make a smaller size so I can gift it to someone for Christmas.

So that's where I am. This morning I am knitting a little bit more on my pants, because I don't have the contrasting colors for the cardigan yet. Also at lunch time I'll be knitting on my new brainless socks that look a little bit like this:
The yarn is "Walk Away" by Yarn Bee, and I'm using size US 2 needles. I probably should have picked 1s or even 0s because the yarn is quite thin, but I'm just going to keep going and perhaps give them to my dad for Christmas. Depending on washability, of course.

Anyways, I'm kind of bummed that I STILL don't have an FO for FO Friday, but I will check out other people's projects as best as I can and hopefully will get some real knitting time soon!

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