Thursday, August 9, 2012

New things.

1) After three weeks of heavy lifting, assembling glass shelving, applying labels, working overtime 6 days a week, and putting up probably sixty five bajillion Christmas decorations (in August), the Hobby Lobby in Stockton is finally open for business.

2) I totally bought some Hobby Lobby I Love This Wool to try out. (Thus far aptly named)

3) I cast on a brand new pair of socks (with this yarn also from Hobby Lobby- hello employee discount!) because 3 pairs OTN is apparently not enough.

4) I promise I will eventually have a day off where I'm not painting my room or moving furniture and can finally take pictures of things in decent lighting.

5) Tonight I plan on rummaging through Ravelry for a very long time to pick out my next sweater project.

6) Today was the first time I had time to knit in a full week.

Ok no more list. Bad format. (In my head I said that in Captain Hook's voice. Just FYI.)


  1. Whoa you work at the new hobby lobby?! If I saw you and said heyyyy grandmastatus would you think I'm a creeper? Lol jk jk

    1. Hahah that would be awesome. I'm not in the yarn department though. Which is a bummer :(


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