Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Modest Beginning

Hats, hats and more hats. It's all about hats this month, apparently.
Working full time and overtime means that I don't have a lot of time available for knitting. Therefore I've been tucking scrap yarn in my bag and working on hats during lunch break.
Most recent hat is this Fair Isle Tam. Out of the 5 Patons colorways called for, I actually had 4 in my stash box! I plucked yellow from a different area of the stash- I think it's an alpaca blend.
At any rate, it looks like nothing special at the moment.

That's some ribbing in poor lighting all right.
Damn I'm good at this blogging thing ;)

Happy August and check out more WIPS with Tamis Amis.


  1. I'm sure it looks amazing. I love the black and green combo.

  2. Oooh, that is a gorgeous pattern, can't wait to see it progress :)

  3. If you manage a good picture of black ribbing, please let us all know how you did it :) This morning it took me more than a dozen snaps and two reshoots to get some that show the shine on silk. Aren't hats great for stashbusting. I've got a bunch planned for August!

  4. Oh I love hats, a few months ago I was on a crochet and knitted hats kick. I made a lot, some have been tucked away for Christmas gifts.

  5. great pattern, crappy photo. Pull your socks up Cecilia !! :P

  6. I love the colors! It's looking great.


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