Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today I finished up the front of my I Heart Aran, grafted the shoulder seams, and worked on the short row collar.
Then I botched the seaming job on the set-in sleeves. (I swear every time I seam a sweater I have to mess up the first time. It's like an offering.)
Then I pulled that out and chewed on my lip for a while.
Then I watched an episode of Go Diego Go with my son.

And that's where I'm at.
Here's how it looks all laid out together, though.
I hope by the end of tomorrow it will be a sweater.
Like, actually.


  1. It looks great! I love the cabling; you did a great job.

  2. Set-in sleeves have been my achilles heel but it looks like yours are going to fit in nicely. Yes, make sure you have a clear and rested mind before going back in! Can't wait to see it completed.

  3. Eek, I can only imagine what a scary (and annoying) thing trying to put in sleeves must be. :| That sweater is completely gorgeous, though, oh my gosh. The pattern on the front reminds me of peacock feathers, it's so elegant! I hope the sleeves just...magically set themselves in while you sleep, so you can show this off as an FO tomorrow!

  4. It's looking great. And I'm forever doing stuff twice so I completely empathize.


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