Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday

This week I have a lot of works-in-progress that.... well, aren't knitting.
(all links are just rav pattern links)

I have seaming to do.
Alice gloves, info here
And crocheting.
Amigurumi Elephant, info here
 Even though I went down 3 hook sizes for this little guy, his stitches are really loose. Also, my sc2tog's look really terrible. Here's a closeup of the horror.
He was supposed to be a gift, but now I'm not so sure about that. Which means I'm not sure I want to take the time to crochet 3 more legs for him. sigh.

And sewing some buttons on a cowl.

Cover Cowl info here
And some basting, so I know where to machine stitch.

Ski Sweater info here
Which, I just realized I never showed a picture of the sweater with both sleeves done.
Yeah, it has perma-folds because it has been sitting around for so long. Because I'm too chicken to start sewing, because that means Cut Day is ever closer.

And picking up stitches for ears on this black hat.
Kitty hat info here
Every time I make this hat the ears come out crooked so I guess I was trying to avoid it by stuffing it in the bookshelf. It didn't work, and now there are only 17 days(!) before Christmas.

Finally, a knitting work in progress:

This easy-peasy armwarmer pattern from my head has been on the needles for ages because... well I'm afraid I don't have enough yarn to finish. Actually, I weighed it so I'm pretty sure I do, but I'm still avoiding it.
Even though I love them.

SO that's it for today.
Check out Tami's Amis for more, as usual.


  1. phew! I'm exhausted just reading about all the elfing going on around your place!!

  2. I like the stripey mitts and the elephant is so cute.

  3. Wow you have a lot going on but it all looks fantastic! Have to say the striped gloves are among my favs. They're one of my current favorite color schemes :)

  4. Wow! That sweater is A MAZ ING! That must have taken forever to knit!

  5. I love those Alice gloves. I knit a pair last year and they were quick and so pretty!

  6. so many projects! love the stripey mitts at the top!


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