Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Christmas Present...

My hands sure are busy these days.
Yesterday I cast on and bound off (Figuratively speaking, anyway. Literally there was lots of sewing up at the end and no binding off whatsoever) this little puppy:
I'm using the same pattern I used earlier in the year, from Susan B. Anderson's Itty-Bitty Toys. The Wrap-Me-Up Puppies come with a little blanket, for children who love to put their toys to sleep. My little niece Zoe loves putting her dolls to sleep and she has shown interest in my son's dog. So I thought this would be a fun and quick Christmas gift.
Technically I still haven't made the blankie. Whoops.
Still, I wish everyone on my list would be happy with a little toy that takes just one day....

Anyways. I'm on my way to Sunnyvale today! I'm very nervous and a little excited (yes I know that's backwards) to learn all about my shape. I am bringing a few sweaters with me:
1) Hardcore
2) Cable Car Coat
3) Central Park Hoodie
4) OWLS (which I added waist mods to. I'm pretty sure she's going to tell me what I already know on that one- it is too short)
She has mentioned in various posts that students are encouraged to bring their hand-knit sweaters, but...
I think that's the part I'm nervous about. Each of these sweaters has an issue I'd rather not have seen by a professional knitwear designer. Like the terrible seaming in Hardcore. Plus these are pretty worn sweaters. The Cable Car Coat I made last year and wear rather often. Ditto CPH. These puppies are pilly, wrinkly and they haven't been bathed too recently either. eek! I should have blocked them a few days ago.... But it was a last minute decision to actually bring the sweaters. I thought I would chicken out.

So there's that.
Then there's the photograph.
I'm really nervous.
But I have to go now.
Tomorrow I'll go into detail about all the fun stuff we did and how I was so wrong to feel nervous etc etc.
Wish me luck!!!

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