Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 21... of the Super Stitches Knitting Project

Yes! It's true! I went and bought another ball of Fishermen's. I've already worked 2 balls of it up into tiny little squares and I'm not even halfway through the book yet.
So, today I have 3 more swatches for you to take a gander at and they are:
1) Openwork Rib
2) Raised Eyelet Rib
3) Blanket Rib

in all their glory:
Week 21 Swatches
(all apologies for the quality of that swatch ^)

SWATCH 1: Openwork Rib
This stitch pattern, though easy to work, was rather dull. It's basically k2 p2 ribbing with a yarn over worked in on the 6th row.
Openwork Rib Swatch
The finished product is not very exciting either; you can't even see the yarn over holes until I stretch it out.

So I guess the ideal is to use this stitch for something that stays stretched a bit, like a hat? But then because of the decorative holes it allows cold air in. So I'm not really sure I get the point.

SWATCH 2: Raised Eyelet Rib
I was most excited about this swatch this week. In the book it is done in a very nice purple mercerized cotton, and the stitch definition was just fantastic.
Raised Eyelet Rib Swatch
I think for most of these ribbed swatches I should have employed blocking pins to keep them nice and rectangular... Anyways, the stitch is very pretty and I would love to see it used at the bottom of a sweater sleeve, or with a nice cotton even on a scarf.

SWATCH 3: Blanket Rib
This stitch was achieved by increasing into each stitch on row one, and then decreasing back to the original stitch count on row two by alternating k2tog and p2tog. I'm a bit on the fence on this one. It seems awfully labor-intensive and you have to remember to do you kfb's rather loosely so that your decrease rows are easier.
Blanket Rib Swatch, RS
But at the end it's quite a nice stitch, and it does have a surprising amount of stretch. I was pondering the name "blanket rib" and feel quite certain that a blanket made out of this pattern would be very cushy and cozy. However, I can't imagine casting on enough stitches to make a blanket just to double that every other row!
It is almost reversible, though. This is the reverse side:
Blanket Rib, Reverse side

Next week is the last week in the ribbing section, and the stitches are:
1) Double Rickrack Rib
2) Alternating Cables
3) Feather Rib

Happy Knitting!

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