Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 21...of the Super Stitches Knitting Project

Hello again!

This week my swatches were:
1) Double Rickrack Rib
2) Alternating Cable Rib
3) Feather Rib

And here they are, the last three ribbed patterns in the book:
I'm telling you, my bag of swatches is really starting to grow! I need to take another group shot, but I've been lagging because I hate weaving in the ends.

SWATCH 1: Double Rickrack Rib
Again, I had to look up the twist stitch just to be sure I was doing it right. I couldn't find an actual video showing me how to work the double rickrack rib, just the single. So I'm not convinced I did it correctly, after all.
The picture in the book shows this:
Top swatch is double rickrack.
See how it kind of looks like little O's?
Well when I knitted up a swatch I got this instead:
Reeeeeally not the same, right? I don't know what I did wrong, but if anybody actually knows how to do the double rickrack rib, I would encourage you to put up a video because apparently I need help. That or the directions are wrong, which has been a problem before with this book. Irritatingly, I can't find an errata page on the publisher's website to check. Clearly it's not the same as the picture, though.

SWATCH 2: Alternating Cable Rib
I loved the way this one looks in the book, and to my surprise it looked lovely in real life, too.
I imagine making a hat with this detail. I love the way the cables braid into each other.
Of the three swatches this one is definitely my favorite.

Working this swatch was easy, though I did end up frogging my first attempt because I didn't read the words "Repeat rows 3-6" and instead was working rows 1-6. Always a good idea to read the directions, right?
Anyway my advice for this swatch is to cable with a cable needle. Usually I skip the needle, but the nice tight effect was emphasized when I used a cable needle. (Cable needle, DPN, you know what I mean.)

SWATCH 3: Feather Rib
This swatch was a real pain to knit. Every single row had either a k2tog through back loop or a k2tog through back loop PLUS a purl through the back loop of a yarn over. Not fun.

It is pretty, though. And the reverse side is pretty in a different way. I think this stitch would look quite pretty as a cuff. It would sort of girly up a sweater if you know what I mean.

So that's it!
Next I will enter the realm of Textured Stitches and it looks really fun.
Next week's swatches are:
1) Long Bobble Stitch
2) Trellis Pattern
3) Gooseberry Stitch

The rest of the day will be spent knitting along on my new sweater. I finished the back piece yesterday and pinned it onto my shirt to realize that, though the waist shaping was perfect and lovely, it was far too short. I would never wear a sweater that short. I would never wear a SHIRT that short. Maybe on laundry day, when I've run out of bras. But seriously! I snipped a stitch and am now working downwards.
I'm entertaining the idea of grafting on the garter stitch that I already did.

But that idea is probably stupid.
Hanging onto it just in case.

Happy Knitting!

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