Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 17... of the Super Stitches Knitting Project

So, yesterday was Sunday and yet I didn't post my swatches! And then today I realized that last week I forgot to take a picture of the second section swatches with their tails weaved in and all blocked and nice. (Um. Probably because I didn't weave in the ends or block them.) Therefore, today with unmitigated resolve, I am swearing to be a better blogger from here on out!
And with that comes the post I was supposed to do yesterday (but didn't because I was too high on hippo-makin').

Section three is the Ribbing section. Which means the first three swatches are boring to look at as well as boring to knit.
SWATCH 1: Knit One Purl One Rib
Yeah. Like I don't knit socks all the time.
K1P1 rib
I like how my swatch looks terrible, too. It's really loose and a lot of the stitches are uneven. I hope blocking evens things out a bit, but I think it came out all weird because I was like "Psh ribbing, what?"
SWATCH 2: Knit Two, Purl Two Rib
(I can knit and purl.)
K2P2 rib
Again with the looseness. If I were doing TKGA master class I would NEVER turn in this swatch. haha. But it will definitely do for a swatchy blanket :D
SWATCH 3: Seeded Rib
Getting into the fancy stuff!
Seeded Rib
So this was a very simple 2 row repeat, and I like the look and texture. It also retains elasticity, though it isn't quite as stretchy as the k2p2 rib. It is also reversible, which is great for a scarf. Or even like a baby cardigan: That way it stretches as the kid grows, and if the kid pukes on it and you didn't bring bring any extra clothes you can wipe it off and turn it inside out! I know, that's gross. I didn't invent that idea. I actually read it somewhere.
Anyway, I think this stitch pattern would work great with a hat as well, or pretty much any knit where you would like a little stretch but would like it to look a little more exciting, or have gotten sick of k2 p2 ribbing.

So for the next 6 Sundays I'll have three ribbed swatches to boast. I've been looking through the chapter today and there are a few that I'm pretty excited about, like the Raised Eyelet Rib and the Double Rickrack Rib.
Next week's are:
1) Cable Eyelet Rib
2) Spiral Rib
3) Diagonal Rib

Of which the Cable Eyelet looks the most fun, and the Diagonal Rib looks the least (probably because I've knitted 17" legwarmers using that stitch pattern). So that's it for my wannabe-Sunday Monday post.
Happy Knitting!

(P.S. Wondering what I named my hippo? After a wonderful suggestion by Evelyn she has been donned Harriet. She's currently decorating my dresser and I can't wait to make her some friends!)


  1. Those are a lot of swatches! I commend you on your swatchiness :) And I don't know how you're not bored yet LOL I get bored doing the same thing within the same project.

  2. Maybe the last name could be Pippo. Harriet Pippo ? So is this swatch project of your own devising or is it a knit along or what. Are you going through an entire stitch dictionary? Elizabeth Zimmermann?

  3. This swatch project is an excellent idea. And I even have the book...


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