Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 15.... of the Super Stitches Knitting Project

This week's challenges were:
1) Flags and Stripes Panel
2) Simple Star Motif
3) Broken Chevron Panel

This week I had a bit of a setback because I lost the Flags and Stripes panel. That was frustrating because I know it was right there and then it was just missing. And not, like, under the couch missing. It has disappeared from existence. I was pretty upset about having to go back and redo that swatch before starting on the Broken Chevron.
Anyways, I got them all done and took pictures yesterday. Which is a good thing because I woke up this morning and my camera was dead!

all three swatches. Can you see a star? yeah. me neither.
My favorite was definitely the broken chevron panel. It was easy. It was a four-row repeat. It was 18 stitches so I didn't have to fiddle with the stitch count to make it a big enough square. Plus the reverse side was attractive.

SWATCH 1: Flags and Strips Panel
The accursed one. When I finished with the redo, I stuffed it in my pocket so it wouldn't disappear. I'm telling you, one day I'm going to find it and I'm going to be like arghghghghhg!
Flags and Stripes Panel
Cut the above swatch in half lengthwise (er.... hotdog style) and you'll see what the pattern is supposed to be. I had to double it to bring the stitch count up. It's still kind of a small swatch.
I guess the point it to be kind of zig-zaggy, but I don't like that purl row that interrupts it. So, the "stripes" part. It was a pretty easy knit, though, and the repeat was only 12 rows. So it wasn't my least favorite swatch ever. Or wouldn't have been, if I hadn't had to knit the damn thing twice.

SWATCH 2: Simple Star Motif
I was all excited about this swatch because I thought it was cute in the book. Which, it pretty much is. In real life, though, it looks more like a marijuana leaf.
Simple Star Motif
Or maybe like a glowing eye. Whatever it does look like, it doesn't really look like a star. The repeat was very long and I didn't enjoy knitting it at all and it's not like all that hard work went into something beautiful. Now, I don't know if maybe it was the fact that I'm using gray wool and I'm using size 5's. Maybe if I brought up the gauge a little and used some thick cushy Patons on a 6 or 7 it would turn out a little better. But I don't really feel like trying it out because it's just not the cutest thing ever. And besides, if I ever were to knit a fishermen's gansey (which would probably be the only thing I'd add a motif like this to) I would probably go the cheap route and use this exact wool. Probably in this exact colorway.

SWATCH 3: Broken Chevron Swatch.
Thank Bob for this swatch. Without this one, this whole Super Stitches week was just a fail.
Broken Chevron Swatch- RS
This one was super easy, and turned out nicely. It lies flat (one of my favorite things in a swatch) and it is attractive. It has a nice design that is reminiscent of garter stitch but with an amount of effort that can be seen as well as felt. The wrong side is also attractive.
Broken Chevron Swatch- WS
In fact I might like it better because of the knit row running down the middle.

Anyways, that's it for this week.
Next week's swatches (and the last in the panel section, thank goodness) are:
1) Moss Zigzag Panel
2) Stockinette Stitch Flags Panel
3) Double Herringbone Panel
Of which the herringbone looks most promising. As well as useful in the gansey situation.

Oh, and I've been working on my hexipuffs; I made it to 43.
(Excuse the low light picture- I have to hide the hexipuffs from my son when I arrange them like this, or else he'll jump into the pile and steal them. So I had to do this in my room. Baaaad quality.)

Happy Knitting!

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  1. The hexi-puffs are so cute. I think my daughter would take a dive into the pile, too. Lol.


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