Saturday, October 22, 2011

KAL disaster.

So I had made plans to join a KAL with some fellow Ravelers today. We each chose a Tiny Owl Knits wristee pattern to knit this weekend. This morning I woke up at six and cast on for my 2nd pair of Catching Butterflies and started knitting with gusto. With optimism. With fury.
By 10:45 I was casting off the first mitt.
Then, however, it was time to run errands. My mom and I packed up the baby and headed out to Wal Mart to buy canisters and odds and ends for our Halloween costumes. And for a knitting magazine. And yarn would have been part of the plan, too, except that they have taken out their craft center!

Anyways then we heard that my niece was visiting with her 2 month old baby who we hardly ever see, so we rushed over to my sister's house and had a nice long visit.
I was knitting all the time: in the car, at my sister's, in line at wal mart.
And I finished the second mitt right about the time we got home, about 7-ish.
So I cast off, and was all excited to dig around for my kidsilk haze for the butterflies when...
Disaster struck.
I tried the mitts on.

Yes. Those are 2 completely different sized gloves. Apparently when I'm sitting on my couch knitting by myself I tug on my stitches a little harder than when I'm gallivanting around town and having nice visits with 2 month old babies.

So yes.
I have cast on for a THIRD mitt, and I hope that the tension matches one of those shown above. Hopefully the looser one.

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  1. LOL
    I once knit a "trair" of slippers. I would like to know how #3 works out.


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