Monday, October 17, 2011

Knitting Stories

I have quite a few knitting books in my library. Something like 40. Let's say 42; it's the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
I have books that deal with only one technique, like toe-up socks. I have books that deal only with socks and books that talk only of sweaters. I have sweater design books, beginner knitting books, books with a focus on color, and Vogue Knitting's Ultimate Knitting Book. I have every book Debbie Stoller has ever written; ditto for Stephanie Pearl Mc-Phee, and I'm working on my Elizabeth Zimmerman collection. I have toy books, baby knit books, kid knit books, and two stitch dictionaries.
But today I went to Michaels and found a book in the bargain bin, which got me thinking.
I don't just buy pattern books, or technique books, or stitch dictionaries. Many of my books about knitting are just that: Books about knitting.
This book (found at a GREAT VALUE of $3.99, as you can see by the sticker) is just a collection of knitting stories, written by many different knitters the world over. The stories range from anything from humorous, to sad, to heartwarming, to spiritual.
Out of my (probably) 42 knitting books, I think about 10 of them are just stories. Stories about knitting.
Stephanie Pearl Mc-Phee once said- and I think she said it in one of these 10 books- a knitter should own lots of books like this. She said it was very normalizing to read about people who knit as much as you do.
I think that explains the amount of books I have like this. It may also explain the amount of people I'm subscribed to on Blogspot. I think pretty much every blog I've come across that a) has been updated recently and rather regularly b) seems to focus mainly on knitting, I've subscribed to. And I LOVE getting updates and reading everyone's entries. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and only 1 or 2 people have updated and it's nice to soak in what's going on in someone else's life. Other times it's overwhelming and I have to take moments out of the whole day to read all my blog subscriptions. Either way I get very cheered up hearing other peoples' daily happenings.

So what does your knitting library look like?
Do you have a lot of technique books? What about stories? Do you read about knitting while you knit? (I do- I keep the pages open with my knee or my feet.)

Oh, and my tam is almost done.

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  1. I have a very small knitting book library (although my non-knitting book library is huge) but, like you, I feel as if I'm reading about knitting all the time because I have such a wide and wonderful list of knitting blogs to read that it keeps me really satisfied. The wonderful world of the Web!! xo


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