Thursday, October 27, 2011

To the frog pond...

My WOTA sweater?
It's not working out.
It may kind of look like it's working out? But trust me. It's not working out.
There is so much armpit sag it's not even funny.
The waist shaping worked out lovely, but the sweater is not close-fitting so it just makes me look lumpy.
Plus the neckline is too high and the whole shape of the thing is boxy, and the wides stripes don't do me any favors either.
See... the thing is, this sweater would be awesome. It really would be. If I could just unravel the ribbing there (and maybe the ill-fated waist shaping) and add on a few more stripes. Then it would be like a rad almost-baggy sweater-dress But, see, then I'd have to dye more yarn. And I have exactly 1 more ball of white WOTA. Also, I ran out of the red on the first sleeve so I would also have to dye some red. Then it becomes buying AND dyeing yarn to knit on a sweater that I've already come to hate and it is just not worth the trouble.

I'm rescuing my needles from this time suck and getting to work on other things!
I don't know what I'm going to do with the yarn, though...


  1. oh no, what a shame! it looks like a really cool design, that's so sad it's not working out :(

  2. Been there, done that, about a bazillion times! I ordered Little Red in the City in order to avoid future frustrations! Measure, measure, measure, swatch, swatch, swatch. I'll let you know if helps me, here's hoping... :P


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