Sunday, October 30, 2011

Catching up...

I've been without internet for a few days. I went to my sister's house with my son for a very nice visit slash Halloween party.
Every time I go a while off blogspot I'm bombarded with posts from the million subscriptions I have. It's only annoying because there's this thing I'm supposed to be doing called, uh, mothering? Life in general? But it's fun to read everyone's posts and I'm glad I'm all caught up now...

I had a comment in one of my previous posts regarding my Super Stitches project. To answer that question, yes I am knitting through an entire stitch dictionary. And no, I'm not knitting along with anyone. I decided to do it when I realized that I paid like $20 for this book I've never really opened. Of course, since then I've purchased a ton of other knitting books that I wish I was spending an equal amount of time with.
But it's nice to only work on it once a week. Which is generally Sunday, but today is Sunday and I haven't worked up this week's swatches yet. I'll do them today and post tomorrow. But in the meantime, please enjoy this picture of me in my halloween costume.
"I'M Moaning Myrtle!"

You're never too old to dress up.

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