Friday, October 7, 2011

FO: Wrap-Me-Up Puppy

It was actually difficult to get a picture of this FO, because Vyvyan was like, "hey! that's MY toy!"
I thought he would be too young to understand the fact that it's a puppy that you wrap up to put to bed, but he totally got it and dragged puppy AND blankie around all day today.
I said:
"let me see your puppy! hold him up for mama."
 hee hee.
him and his puppy are so cute.
hopefully the addition of this puppy to the household will protect Peach, my mom's little dog, from further torture.
(yes he is poking her with a spoon.)
So that's my knitting news for today.

I also have personal news.

After spending $75 to apply for the perfect apartment, we have been informed that we are rejected. Apparently the last apartment we rented from lost all the information on us, so the new apartment claims we have "unverifiable rental history." It just really sucks because it's not at all our fault; the old apartment has changed management since we lived there. So I'm pretty bummed out. When I first got the letter, I wanted to cry. Now I don't even know what to do.
I drank tea.
I played guitar.
I made silly movies with Vyvyan.
I knitted and watched feel-good movies.
Nothing helped.
I know that this isn't the only place in the world and that one day we'll find some nice nest to live in, but apparently knowing that doesn't change anything.

I can only think of 2 things that would make me feel better.
1) Buying a ballwinder/swift set so that I can wind all my delicious new sock yarn in no time flat.
2) Receiving my Swap package

sure hope that parcel comes soon...

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  1. How else are we supposed to learn about the world except by poking old dogs with spoons, and by paying seventy-five smackers to get screwed by management twice? I'm sorry about that apartment. It bites. But the puppy-blanket-boy love? Uplifting. Give them an extra squeeze for me.


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