Monday, November 8, 2010


Waiting impatiently for the Elann Chunky and Manos del Uruguguay. Not going to mention the vaguely dirty feeling I get from the dent in my credit card. The fact that all 30 balls of yarn are purple doesn't help. Once I can squish it I should feel better. (Although I've read reviews that say it pills and has knots...)

Once it finally gets here I can cast on for my GIANT afghan and be cozy while I knit with it on my lap all winter. I just hope it works out. Well, I also hope no one accidentally felts it.

Looking at my pathetic stash right now. You know I have 6 balls of Lion Brand Nature's Choice Organic Cotton? It was recklessly purchased and I still have no plans for it. It's been in the stash since i was pregnant. So at the very least that's 5 1/2 months. I did knit up half of what I bought on Alyssa's scarf, though. I just can't think of anything else to make out of it. Definitely not another garter stitch scarf- how mind-numbingly boring.

I think it's doomed to be a bag of some type. But being cotton it has no elasticity so it's bound to stretch out. Like I said, man, recklessly purchased. Fuck sales.

That's how i got those two balls of "loops and threads" country loom, too. When I looked them up online guess what I found? It's Michaels' brand yarn! No wonder it was crappy! It's basically ghetto brand homespun. Although in all honestly I liked homespun even less because it would bunch up and break randomly. And hey, i made a sweater out of homespun so apparently I don't care what I buy or what I knit with.

I mean, dude, I bought 30 balls of yarn "because it was on sale." This has got to change.

Remember: if you start with crap you'll end with crap.
True, knitting with the good stuff is intimidating because you can no longer blame the yarn, and true the good stuff's expensive but who's to say I don't deserve to make crappy sweaters with expensive yarn if that's what I like to do?? And maybe I'll get better, even.

At the very least I'll be able to collect yummy balls of wool that I can dig out and squeeze when I feel sad.

This way I won't end up with 6 balls of mismatched cotton staring me in the face. Or ONE ball of fun fur. Or fourth of july sugar n cream. What the hell was that?

And maybe I have no talent as a knitter. Maybe, after acquiring fine merinos and cashmere, gaining access to wonderful patterns and all the time in the world to knit I'd still make crap. Somehow, I don't think that would stop me.

You have no idea. I have itchy fingers. But I don't want to CO anything because I'm about to receive all that yarn in the mail.... >_<
Anyways here's a hat I made yesterday.

I'm totally gonna buy the new SnB booklet pamphletty thing and make that lime green jacket with the full o sheep wool. mmmmmmmmm wool.
Oh yeah, apparently I've become a yarn snob overnight.

<3 Cecilia

ps fatboy's doing good. he be gettin' a toof.

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