Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So I feel like an idiot.

There's something wrong with you when you go to track your package online for the 14th time and you just barely realize that you wrote in your address wrong.
So two balls of merino were shipped here and sent to the post office. Luckily I called and got a hold of them before they shipped it back to wherever Wisconsin. So now I have two yummy balls of merino. But unfortunately they're not quite the color I wanted. That's what happens when you shop online. But it's not like it matters, beautiful yarn is beautiful yarn, even if they were out of Cinammon so I had to get Brick.

Anyways once I finish the orange hat I'll be good to CO for the legwarmers <3

I got the newest issue of Creative Knitting, only didn't realize til I left the store that it was a "special issue" and is full of accessories so you can "accessorize with style." Right when I decided to get a bunch of knitting magazines solely for their sweater patterns so I can start "Real Knitting" again.
But anyway I still found a few things I found worth making. So I cast on the Bavarian Style Hat on page 71 because it looked both simple and challenging enough to be a fun knit. There's a a "celtic vine hat with fingerless gloves" I might try to make later on, when I feel like working in DK weight. (so probably never.)

I kind of feel like... Well honestly I'm just lucky that the store by my house only has one knitting magazine for sale. I mean, I know a lot of these patterns I'm never going to knit either because they're hideous, (Ski Band Stripes? Hello Eightie's lady) they're too complicated, or I just don't see any point to them. But something about just owning more knitting magazines, more projects that I COULD knit if I could find the yarn and time to do so, is very comforting. Like, yeah I think cowls are the stupidest thing on the planet but I could knit one... maybe.

Meanwhile I'm still waiting for the 30 balls of chunky Peruvian to come. Man, am I glad I didn't mess up the address on that one. Hey... uh... yeah I have an order of 30 balls of purple yarn. Yes it's for personal use.

I don't know, I'm kind of wishing I'd just got some Cascade 200 for the Central Park Hoodie. I mean, yeah the chunky yarn was on sale but I ended up spending 60 bucks anyway. And yes it's a lot more yarn, but you don't understand how badly I want that hoodie.

Oh, also on the knit list I've been thinking about re-knitting the skully sweater. Yes, again. That would make thrice, and if I fail as miserably this time as I did the last two times then that would equal three pathetic attempts at knitting the same stupid sweater. But seriously! If only I could get gauge with the full o' sheep. Actually I was thinking it might be even better because it would come out  a little small and thus tighter? I don't know, I'm kind of stupid.

I swear they need to make a knitting math class. I'd totally go figure out how to re-design things that are almost perfect, and how to actually get gauge.

Anyways, I'm posting pictures of the orange hat soon. It was a pretty fun knit. Okay it made me want to strangle the designer a few times, but it's coming out okay.(All fingers crossed)

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