Saturday, November 6, 2010

mmmmmmm wool

Casting on for the free twisted waffle stitch hat pattern from Rav. "Waffle's Waffles pattern" found here
Going to finally try out the new debbie stoller's full o' sheep.
Actually there's a Ravelry member who did it in full o' sheep and there's a good pic of it here
I'm totally making a new resolution for 2011: DO NOT BUY ANY ACRYLIC WOOL!!!
It's beautiful.
This year's resolution was "keep track of all the books you read" which I've actually kept all year so far and I'm ALMOST at 50 books, but with all the knitting I've been up to I doubt I'll get there.
However, I did just blow a bunch of money on knitting humor books by stephanie pearl mcphee, so maybe I'll reach the goal after all.

I cannot wait for my yarn to come in the mail. mmmmm chunky peruvian wool. mmmmmmmerino. Making an afghan, a sweater, and some awesome legwarmers. So many plans!!
I got rid of 30 balls of crappy red heart yesterday, most of which was baby blue, pink, or white. I don't know how this stuff piles up, I swear it's not me that buys it....

The chunky is currently strangling himself. Time to play mommy.
edit: he's not literally strangling himself. i'm not that terrible.

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