Thursday, November 18, 2010

CUPCAKE HAT!!! And other stories of the day.

I am officially making a cupcake hat.
And a sweater.
And a coat.
And some legwarmers.
And some more legwarmers.
And some armwarmers.
I really need to finish some of these projects before I go casting on for the new ones.
-The Fibonacci Scarf
-The OTHER legwarmers
-The Pedicure Socks
-The Epic Central Park Hoodie.

Luckily I don't have to worry about CPH because I have no money with which to purchase the yarn for said project. The socks, however... I'm afraid I may have acquired a few sock balls. The Fibonacci Scarf is actually an Xmas present, so it will have to be cast on soon. And of course in the light of other people being more important than me I can put off my (glorious) coat for now.

1.) Cupcake hat. Because class ends on Dec 17th
2.) Vyvyan's sweater. Actually this is a close tie with the first, because although there is no due date he is fast-growing. Of course he's not going to remember if I ever finished it or not so I could always finish it later and be like "awww look what your mommy made you back when you were wee!"
3.) Garter Stitch Legwarmers due by the 25th.. These just need 3 buttons sewn on.
4) Pink Armwarmers just need the thumbs to be completed.
5)Fibonacci scarf needs to be cast on!!! Due on the 25th also, possibly later.

Unfortunately the most portable project are the purl bee legwarmers. So guess what I'm taking to math class.

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