Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cable Car Coat notes

Ran into my first (of many, I'm sure) problem. Somehow, despite having swatched 3 times for this project (a real feat considering I usually skip the swatch) I've run into gauge problems.
Apparently using these #10 needles gives me a 18 stitch gauge over 4 inches. Unless you believe my more recent 2 measurements of 17 stitches. Either way, these numbers are NOT 16, the required stitch count.
So after I knitted 9 inches of 90 stitches I realized this. Why didn't I start on the sleeve so I could check my gauge as I went and not have such a sizable piece...
At any rate, the bottom of the back now measures 19", and that's with slightly curved edges. The schematic says the back should be 17 3/4". Apparently I'm not the kind of knitter who cares enough to take it out and watch again.
I did, however, tear back 3 inches because I forgot waist shaping.
I've already knitted a ball of yarn into this thing: like I'm gonna turn back now.
Who cares if it turns out so big an elephant can wear it?
And we haven't even discussed what's going to happen when I block it. What if it grows to monstrous proportions?
In that case, ribbit ribbit. At least I'd get all that yarn back. Next time, wash your swatch BEFORE you tear it back and excitedly cast on.
For now I'm just pressing on. If it's too big maybe I can sew a little extra fabric into the seams and it'll still work out okay. If it's too small I can... cry a little.
Let's not discuss the fact that the more and more I look at the picture of the sweater the less and less I like the look of reverse stockinette.

Checking gauge again... yep. 17 st.

A part of my continues to whisper: "That's what you need for the central park hoodie!" But i quiet her by reminding myself that I'd have to pay $5.50 for the pattern. Which I couldn't print anyways without any ink. And besides, I want to knit it in green heather cascade 220, and without the central park hoodie I have nothing to look forward to after this coat.
That might end up miderably ill-fitting.

None of my sweaters really work out. I think it has something to do with how little I care. And probably how badly I sew.

But the thing is, I'm using size 10's to knit this damn thing, and I'm getting 17 st / 4 inches. But when I tried 10 1/2's during the swatching I got 14 st per inch. 17 is way closer to 16 than 14. I'm afraid of how this is going to turn out, but on the brighter side if it doesn't fit me I'll never wear it. And if I never wear it I'll never have to hand-wash it.

oh. and I still haven't finished Vyvyan's sweater. Bad momma, bad knitter.

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  1. I have begun the waist shaping. (By that I mean I have decreased one stitch at the beginning of the first of many decrease rows.)


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