Saturday, April 21, 2012


So I realized yesterday, as I lay haphazardly on the sticky leather couch, that it is beginning to get a bit warm here in California. I'll be honest, last night my brother was laying on the couch wearing only his boxers and I was jealous because I had to wear shorts AND a tank top. Which, actually, is utterly unfair because I think technically having boobs makes you sweatier but I digress.
The fact of the matter is, it is too hot to knit with wool.
I have done a quick count of my works in progress, and out of the 14 I can think off the top of my head, 11 are either 100% wool or a wool blend. (One of them is even alpaca!) And let's face it, those other 3 are not exactly thrilling projects. (Acrylic garter stitch scarf, cotton socks in stockinette, and a cotton dishcloth I started last night when I realized with a pang that the idea of trying on my wool pullover to check the fit made me want to peel my own skin off.)
So, now I need to go through all of my works in progress and figure out which ones are still workable in this weather (like the socks, all the socks are ok) and which are going to need to go into deep hibernation and perhaps have the needles torn out of them for use on other things. (Alpaca sweater, I'm looking at you!- same goes for the wool pants. No. Way.)
Luckily I do have some cotton hiding in my stash, and even a few summer-style projects I've been saving. These include:
1) Empire Strikes Back Dress
2) Baby Corn
3) Baby Cardigan (I hopped onto Beyond Rectangles the second it went on sale)
But even with this lineup, and plenty of fingering weight for when the weight of a cotton dress is too much, I fear that the lethargy that summer brings will kick in and I will get little done.
I mean.... it was pretty hot yesterday and it is the middle of April. It was 91 degrees in the house, and that is NOTHING compared to the temperatures coming in July and August. And um... we don't have an air conditioner. So I might have plenty of tiny cotton dishcloths to share with you in the future.

Just a warning.


  1. Maybe cotton socks will still be agreeable to knit even when it gets hot(ter)?

  2. I find it easier to work with wool and cotton than other fibres when it's hot. Acrylic gets too sticky from the sweat.


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