Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hour a day

I have seen a lot of bloggers do these hour a day posts. They usually make me sort of envious, both of their interesting days (lacking diaper changes and temper tantrums) and of their photography skills. I decided to follow myself around with a camera and see what came of it. I just kept my eye on the clock and snapped whatever was happening on the hour. Don't worry, I didn't take a picture of a diaper change, though I can assure you there were many.

8 am.
I woke up, as usual, with a foot in my face. Vyvyan twists and turns during the night and always ends up sideways. He finds it especially fun to dig his toes into my ribs early in the AM.

9 am.
We decided to put on our cool slippers and stomp around the house singing aroostasha. (This is probably an opportune moment to inform you that I am sick and have completely lost my voice. Singing and stomping around the house, however, was still a necessary part of stay-at-home-mommyhood)

10 am
The mail carrier drops off a special package as well as the usual junk brochures.
(My dad ordered A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns from Barbara Walker for me for no reason at all except, apparently, love.) I spent quite a bit of time flipping through it. I'm already a huge fan and want all the rest!
 11 am
Outside time.
Usually we go for a walk, but since I'm sick we stayed on the porch and blew bubbles and drew our shapes and letters. I bought Vyvyan this really cool automatic bubble blower that he can operate by pressing a button and it keeps him amused for about an hour!
 12 pm
Temper tantrum.
Always at LEAST one of these in the day.
This one was superficially about a laptop toy that he couldn't open, but it was really because I wasn't cooking fast enough.

1 pm
Free time.
This means Vyvyan gets to play with his trains and I get to play with my yarn. He is pretty good about playing by himself at this time of day, though he will occasionally bring me a book to read aloud. (Today we read "Diego's Dinosaur Adventure," which never explained how exactly Diego and his sister Alicia went back in time.) While he played quietly, I worked on the border of my huge blanket. (*note: the astute among you will notice that I already finished the aforementioned huge blanket. I actually wrote this post a long time ago but somehow forgot about it until now. It's still a pretty accurate representation of a day in my life, though, so it stands. If you want you can substitute "giant shawl". That's what I was working on today.)

 2 pm
At about this point I realize that kid needs a nap or he's going to explode in a giant snotty crying fit and then my own head will explode what with the crying and all.
So we head to the bedroom and curl up together for an episode of Dinosaur Train which, I admit, I am quite fond of. It TOTALLY explains how exactly dinosaurs from different time periods can interact, which other shows about dinosaurs always neglect. (In case you're wondering, there's a Time Tunnel.) I know, I know, I shouldn't think too hard about it, because it's a kid show that features dinosaurs talking to eachother and riding trains, but somehow I care. Also I recently found out that it's produced by the Jim Henson company, which did a little to alleviate my guilt for liking it. Also, I'm learning a lot about dinosaurs. Which is totally useful knowledge.
3 pm
Dose myself with Theraflu (usually it's Earl Gray) and relax in the knowledge that I am my own human being who can go to the bathroom without a little boy coming in and saying "YUCKY POOPOO!" when I'm going pee, and then who says "FLUSH!" and then says "WASH HANDS!" like I don't already know the drill. Believe me, I love my baby, but nap-time is a heavenly time.
Especially when I'm sick and need to rest my voice.

4 pm
I decide to bust out the sewing machine for some practice. After all, I'll never finish that ski sweater if I don't cut the armholes and I'm never going to cut the armholes if I don't learn how to use my machine. Inspired by the "Sewing Studio" Craftsy course I enrolled in during their 75% off sale, (Dude. 75% off sale. You gotta keep up with these things, cuz their classes are totally awesome when they aren't $60) I went ahead and sewed a real, live, actual, almost-straight line!!!
And to think, I'm always so scared I'm going to clog the machinery or break a needle or something.
Oh yeah.
Then I broke a needle.
BUT!!! I then replaced the needle, which usually I would have just cried about what a terrible match I am for sewing. And then I clogged the machinery. Then the needle wouldn't go in the stupid hole and then .... I ate a few cookies.
5 pm
I went back to what I'm familiar with until the kid woke up.
(He woke up saying, "Hey dude! Hey dude! Hey dude!")

6 pm
Feed Mr. Fishy, our pet goldfish. (Mr. Fishy had a companion Dr. Suckerfish, but unfortunately the good doctor has passed on.) Mr. Fishy lives in the dining room, so it's always easy to remember that he needs to eat the same time we do. Sometimes we eat fish in front of him, and I feel kind of bad. Not today though. We ate leftover ham.

7 pm
We don't usually have dessert, but today I cooked some sweet potatoes to go with dinner but timed them wrong so they were late enough to be considered dessert. I just added a little butter, brown sugar and walnuts: Yummy, healthy food that is NOT photogenic at all. Me and Vyvyan each had our own fork but dug into the same bowl as we sat on the kitchen floor. We don't usually do that, either. OK we do sometimes. I like sitting on the floor. ;)

8 pm
Um. I didn't do a picture. Damn.
But basically Vyvyan probably headbutted me for an hour while I tried desperately to read enough books to put him to sleep.

So I'm sure you can see why I haven't done one of these posts before: My life is really boring!
If you've ever wondered how I have so many finished objects, well, this is why. It's generally me and Vyvyan all day every day, playing games and watching trains. This particular day was more relaxed because I'm sick, but even in general I don't leave the house very often. Like, we might hang out in the backyard, or go for a walk to the local safeway, or Big Lots, but we just don't do a whole lot. I just talk and talk and talk and he listen listen listens to my thoughts about the world, the things I think he needs to know, or just whatever comes out of my mouth.
He gets plenty of social interaction when we visit my sister's daycare, but me? Hah. I gots the interwebnets.


  1. This post brought me back to the days when my kids were wee ones, and I tried to be both a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom! What a great idea to follow yourself for a day ... it was not boring at all and I'm sure if I were to do a similar post, you'd see ME having a temper tantrum!

  2. I love this post - it reminds me of my own day :-) There would probably be more temper tantrums over naps in my day, and this morning we were up at 5am :-O


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