Monday, April 2, 2012

March in Review

March Finished Objects
(Links to rav project pages)

  1. "Fastest Sock in the West"
    for my brother
  2.  Amy March Slippers
    for my niece
  3. I Heart Aran
    for myself
  4. Holden Shawlette
    for myself
  5.  Teddie Bear Hoodie
    for my niece
  6. Enterlac Hat
    for myself and for practice
  7. Baby Booties
    for my newest niece
Compared to last month (17 FO's) I am a SLACKER! But of the 7, more than half were gifted (or will be) and there were two sweater projects so I don't feel too bad.

My proudest accomplishment this month was the Teddy Bear Hoodie, which I designed myself- including the armscye shaping. I'm also quite proud of the Entrelac hat, and I have been wearing it a lot more than I'd expected.

I still have 4 projects carrying over from last year: The Mara Shawl, The Hexipuffs, The Ski Sweater(which is totally hibernating), and my Calcetines Azules (which is also hibernating at this point).
And I cast on about a billion new things this month, too.

Techniques Learned
1) Entrelac
2) Cluster Short Rows
3) Top-down Sleeves in-the-round
4) Rudimentary Armscye Shaping

Last month's March Goals:

1) Finish Calcetines Azules OR Guitar Man Socks:12 socks in '12
2) Finish the Holden Shawlette
3) Knit Bear Mittens
4) Sleeping Beauty Cowl- 12 tok in '1

So obviously I did pretty bad this month. I did do a TOK knit, though (the slippers) and I knit a piar of socks as well, so I don't feel too bad about it.

So APRIL goals look like this:
1) Don't buy any yarn online. Yes, this does include the WEBS anniversary sale (I can hear the yarn-ho inside me hyperventilating)
2) Finish the Mara shawl
3) TOK knit: Magic Treetop Bag
4) Sock Knit: Lovesocks
5) Finish the crochet blanket ^_^

I didn't buy any yarn online this month, though I did buy....
2 skeins of sock yarn I used up immediately
3 skeins of Patons Classic
2 skeins of Cascade Fixation I found at the thrift store
5 skeins "Yummy" 1/2 off at Tuesday Morning

Sorry if these posts are incredibly boring, but they are useful for me to look back on.


  1. Slacker?? I'm lucky if I get one or two FOs per month!!!

    Well done!! I especially love the holden and the Aran jumper :)

  2. hello again.... hehe

    I've given you a bloggie award :D


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