Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I know I wasn't supposed to cast on this sweater until after my mom's shawl is complete...
Me and the shawl had a long talk, and we decided it's really for the best for me to pursue this spicy little red sweater first.

I'm about halfway through the bust increases, and it's coming along nicely.
This sweater is going to be based on Andi Satterlund's Orange Cabled Pullover. By based on, I mean I'm going to try to make it as identical as possible considering my yarn is red and I'm working bottom-up instead of top-down. So far it's looking good, but I didn't do the double twist at the bottom of the center cable. I really like the way it looks on her sweater, but the way my gauge works out I don't think I'll have enough space on my short torso to do it.

Actually the more I look at this picture, the more I regret this decision... Perhaps that full twist is what drew me to the sweater in the first place. So, do I rip? Do I decide later and snip a stitch and work downwards? Can I do that with cables? Can I just swap them, back twists for forward twists and vice versa?

Hmm... I guess I'll just keep knitting because it's awfully good fun and then worry about it later. That's also my plan for the armscye math and for solving my uneven stockinette stitch issue. (I plan on using "trick three" from Techknitter's article on the subject)

Anyways here's a sort of weird picture of me trying it on for fit (I promise I will never wear this sweater with jeans)
So that's what I'm working on while the shawl does it's penance for being boring. (It seems to be a repeat offender.)
Check out more WIPS with Tamis Amis, and hopefully I'll see you again for FO Friday. Something's gotta get done over here or I'll drown in WIPs!


  1. its such a cute cute jumper, I;m sure it will be gorgeous. I'd need it a bit longer though, to cover the tummy!

    1. That's how I generally feel about things (usually I make them long enough to cover a bit of my bum, too, at least to prevent gusts of wind on my lower back). But I read an interview with Annie Modesitt in the latest Interweave Knits where she claims, "it's a surprisingly flattering fit for many women- when a garment hits just at the ribcage, the narrowest part of the body is emphasized and her entire silhouette is enhanced."
      That's just what I learned in the Fit to Flatter course I took last year, too.
      Who knows how it will work out, but one thing is for sure: a short sweater will take less time AND less yarn!
      I'm sort of nervous about a tiny sweater, but I am trying to be more confident with the things I wear! (I usually don't wear such bright colors either- Believe me, this sweater is a gamble!)

  2. Wow, wow, wow - it's looking great already! That's wonderful how close it looks to the picture. I am in awe that you reverse engineered the pattern like you did!

  3. It looks awesome! Good luck.

  4. HAH! Chew on them! That's exactly how I felt when I saw the original. I couldn't wait for Andi to release the pattern (it should be out next fall) and just had to figure out how to unvent it!

  5. That is a pretty sweater pattern :-)I'll be really interested to know if you agree with that remark about fitting it right on the waist being flattering :)

  6. LOVE it! Cabling detailing gets me every single time, I love it so much.

  7. LOL at "I wasn't supposed to cast on" and "me and the shawl had a long talk"! Love the new sweater! I'm try not to start anything new until I finish some UFO but it's hard...

  8. Did you do most of the talking in that conversation with the shawl? LOL.
    It's a pretty sweater and it obviously is demanding your attention!

  9. Oh, I do that ALL the time that I cast on something else, because I just cannot continue with one WIP while I have another on my mind....:)
    The sweater is looking good already!


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