Friday, April 20, 2012

FO Friday

In an unfortunate turn of events, it seems I have only one finished object to offer you this week and it is not pretty. Or impressive. Or even large.
See...I wanted to make a frog to celebrate Save the Frogs day with my son. So today I share with you, my failure of a frog.
The state of the thing is embarrassing: his eyes protrude from his face shamefully, his legs flail wildly and worse still, he is hopelessly flat.
So, yes, this is my sole knitted object this week. A frog that looks like he has had an unhappy vehicular collision resulting in increased depression. Literal. Depression.
I tried to fluff him up a little, give him some life for the photo shoot, but well.. his flatness remained.
Let's face it: I made a roadkill frog. His only consolation is that he snugly fits in the smallest pocket of my purse and so I have decided there he shall remain. Flat though he may be, he is a frog and my son quite likes hopping him around and going "ribbit!"

I used size 0 dpns and got the free pattern from Frogs Vs Fungus. I used some leftover Cascade Heritage Silk (I thought it was cute that the project it was leftover from was a sock project called "Tadpoles") and he worked up in an hour or so. The frogs in the picture are much more plump, and I highly suspect that the designer stuffed them although there is no mention of it in the pattern. I really should have thought to do it myself, though. (He is so utterly flat.)

Regarding the pattern, I think there was a mistake in the increasing (or was it the decreasing?) but I wasn't paying a world of attention so perhaps not. I did like the clever short row eyes, but the legs were wholly unsatisfying. I had originally intended to make quite a few of these frogs, but after this one... well... Let's just say I wouldn't want to participate in Save the Frogs day if they looked like this!!
So, the next frog I try (Yes I'm still set on making a frog) will be this crocheted tree frog.
This FO Friday is a double failure because my mom's Mara is still unfinished and her birthday is Monday! (EEK!!)

So head to Tamis Amis to find -hopefully- some more successful projects!


  1. PMSL - roadkill frog, he's kinda cute though, even in all his flatness and i love the colour.

  2. I had a good laugh at your description of your poor Kermit! Thanks was a wonderful post.
    You must agree, it takes talent to make a frog look like roadkill! Not everyone can do that either!

    I couldn't knit a frog, looking alive or dead, so I take my hat off to you!

  3. I love the road kill frog! You don't have to be lovely, or perfect, and you can still be loved. :) I love your determination to make another frog, excellent perseverance.

  4. This post made me giggle! He is a bit flat indeed haha. Ah well, maybe the crochet frog will be a bit more...alive.

  5. Roadkill frog - too funny! Needed that chuckle :)

  6. I'm so sorry, but your post made me giggle. I love your roadkill frog.

  7. Your post is incredible poetic. I still think the frog is cute. The pics on the pattern definitely appear to be stuffed lightly.

  8. Hellooo, just a quick reply to a comment you made on my blog about continental knitting. My purl squares were approximately the same size as the knit ones, but they were not as even and neat as the knit ones. In the end they were more neat looking and you couldn't really see the difference anymore. Still, I find knit stitches sooooo much more relax to do.

  9. LOL! road kill frog - this is brilliant :)
    I've found with toys that you have to stuff them heaps to get any sort of shape. Even so they still go flat with time!

  10. I agree with several of the comments made by others- you sometimes need to stuff little toys like crazy for them to have any shape at all.

  11. LOL. roadkill frog. I think he's charming. It's nice that your son will be able to keep in a pocket to carry him around. I'm sure he'll be loved.

  12. I made a very successful frog using Hansi Singh's tree frog pattern but it was really really complicated and took forever. I think yours is kinda cute.

    You've still got a couple days from Mom's cardi, so fingers crossed you make it!

  13. I think it's clear that you've come up with a whole new set of animal designs ... roadkill! Oh, that was an awful comment but your post did make me laugh! Hope you try another frog pattern and it looks a bit healthier. : )

  14. Actually I think your frog looks much better than the ones pictured for the original pattern. He looks seriously more like a frog than the others.
    I think he is cute, but I have thing for frogs anyway :)

  15. Oh no! Poor little froggy! :-D Oh my goodness that's amusing :-D


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