Monday, November 1, 2021

Habitat Cardigan update

 I am so pleased that my Habitat cardigan is almost complete!

I think this cardigan worked up so fast, and it's extra snuggly and warm.

I may have purchased 6 balls of Lionbrand Hometown in colorway Badlands with the intention of making a second one in a more washable yarn.

This cardigan has been in my queue for YEARS, and I really have Kayla from Alt Knots to thank for encouraging me to crochet it. For some reason, even though I've made over 40 knitted sweaters, crochet garments intimidated me. But this one was so easy, and so much fun to work up. I definitely encourage everybody who has it in their queue to pick it up and try it out.

The body is perfect because it's not too boring, but it's just mindless enough. There's really no issue with gauge; I did not get gauge at all and it's still completely wearable. (Like, I think I literally have an extra 7" of fabric but you can't really tell.) I've actually worked up both the sleeves and woven in all the ends already; I just need to seam the one sleeve on and then take FO pictures. I can't wait to call this puppy done. 

And you know what??
I still have yarn leftover! Maybe I will make matching legwarmers or boot toppers <3

I hope you are enjoying whatever you are making time to create!

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