Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Progress and News!!!

 Hello Lovelies!

I am excited to share with you all that I have decided to start a knitting podcast. It will be low quality compared to all the talented podcasters out there on the YouTube, but it will be from my heart.

The first episode will be live on my YouTube Channel hopefully within a few hours. 

In other news I have made some progress on my second Habitat Cardigan...

Look at how big it is!!! It's almost complete, the body of the piece. Now I'll just have to sew it up and start on the boring collar. One modification I plan on making this time around is I plan to KNIT the sleeves instead of crochet them. The last sweater, I crocheted one square for the sleeve, then sewed it onto the cardigan, then sewed up the tube... and that turned out OK but then when it was time to make the second sleeve I'm not entirely certain that they ended up the same size exactly? So I want to avoid having mismatched sleeves, for one thing. The second reason is that the half double crochet through the front loop only (or is it back loop only, either way) is fiddly for me and k2p2 rib has the same effect with less effort. The third reason is that I won't have to sew anything at all I'll just pick up and knit them down from the armhole!The only question is whether I can find some DPNs the right size in my current mess of a house...

I still haven't got to unpacking any of the craft room. That's the one room we have not even touched. The way the new house is laid out, we had a gigantic living room. So we put a wall up and hacked that second half of the living room into two: one room for my daughter and one room for the craft room (Yes the living room was that big). But the craft room hasn't been fully drywalled yet, and so it's still a work in progress, which means all my stash, my needles, my knitting books, my sewing machine, my fabric, all my crafty goodness is all tucked away in boxes seemingly never to see the light of day. It's very sad for me, especially as we get near to winter when it's prime knitting time. Does this mean I will find myself hopping to the yarn shop more frequently? Perhaps.

But Also , I'm quitting my current job so finances may be rough for a minute. When we moved from Stockton to Mokelumne Hill, I got out of the nice position I had down in Stockton because the commute was unrealistic. Well, I ended up getting an accounting job in Sonora, which is 70 minutes away from my house so the drive is still pretty unreal. I hate to admit it but it puts me to sleep, the drive, and so working in Sonora has got to stop. I've applied for a position closer to my home and I'm really hoping to get it... but it pays over $5 an hour less!! My husband and I talked about it and it's worth my life, but it sure is going to hurt when I can't afford all the yarn and amazon goodies I currently enjoy. So I'd better get unpacking, huh?

I hope you check out my YoutTube channel; there are a bunch of my original songs on there too from a long time ago too when I was a drunk and depressed youth. So that might be funny to check out too. But in the future I plan to upload more videos which are both knitting related and guitar ones too, mostly covers of Tom Petty which is what I've been playing a lot of lately. Hope you're finding happiness and music in your life too!

Happy Knitting!

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